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Manufacturer: LEM

Automotive current transducer open loop technology DHAB S/118

DHAB S/118

A series of DHAB dual-range automotive transducers

The DHAB series of two-range transmitters is used to measure DC, AC and time-varying currents. Due to their operation in two current ranges, they are able to ensure high measurement accuracy for both high and low currents.


  • Transducer based on Hall sensor with open loop
  • Power supply +5 V DC
  • Two measuring ranges (for DHAB S / 118 it is +/- 30A and +/- 350 A)
  • High resistance to difficult working conditions: temperature range from -40 * C to 125 * C
  • Voltage output signal

The offer also includes other DHAB series transducers:

  • DHAB S/106 (20 A; 500 A)
  • DHAB S/113 (30 A; 350 A)
  • DHAB S/124 (75 A; 500 A)