Honeywell humidity sensors

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Honeywell humidity sensors

Honeywell humidity sensors are sensors with very low inertia. Very fast time response, low power consumption, stability and reliability are their main advantages. The sensor consists of a flat capacitor with an additional polymer layer to protect against dirt, dust, oil. Honeywell sensors are designed for many applications, including devices for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity controllers and recorders, refrigeration, medical equipment, etc

Technical data:

Humidity measuring range: from 0% RH up to 100% RH

Power supply: from 3.3 Vdc up to 5.8 Vdc

Output signal: analog or digital

Operating temperature: -40 ° C up to 85 ° C

Accuracy: about 2% up to 3% over the operating range



HIH, seria 5000

HIH, seria 6000

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