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FD75-320 320/90 1200-2200 8 2,0-4,0 0,043 1
FD8-1500 1500/60 100-800 22 2 0,02 2
FD8A-630 630/80 1400-2600 12 2,0-3,2 0,03
FD8A-800 800/74 1200-2600 14 3,2-5,0 0,027
FD8B-630 630/82 2400-3400 13 4,0-6,3 0,03
FD9A-1250 1250/78 1400-2600 25 4,0-5,0 0,019 3
FD9B-1000 1000/80 2400-3400 22 4,0-6,3 0,02
FD9C-800 800/81 3200-4500 16 5,0-8,0 0,02
FD9-2000 2000/60 50-200 24 2 0,02
FD11C-1600 1600/84 3200-4500 32 6,3-8,0 0,01 4
FD271(R)-320 320/80 1200-2200 7 2,5-4,0 0,007 5

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Diode is an unsteady semiconductor device in which the conduction or valve state depends on the bias voltage between the anode and the cathode. This is illustrated by the current-voltage characteristics shown in Figure 1.

In its wide range of semiconductors, DACPOL has diodes for many applications from renowned manufacturers. Our offer includes: rectifier diodes, fast diodes, ultra-fast diodes, Schottky diodes, avalanche diodes, diodes against overvoltage, high-voltage diodes.

Rectifier Diode

RACs are offered by DACPOL in a wide range of diodes, for surface mounting and through-hole assembly in electronic circuits, through diodes in screw and push-in enclosures up to the diodes in the pellet housing.

Push-in Diode

Push-in diodes are used in welding rectifiers and in alternator rectifiers. Diodes in screw casings are used in various types of power electronics devices and in smaller power rectifiers.

Hockey Puck Diode

Hockey puck diodes are used in high-power devices, e.g. in electrolytic rectifiers and rectifiers on the line of production for, e.g. chlorine, in galvanic rectifiers, in welding machines, induction heating generators, drive inverters, etc.

Fast Diode

Fast diodes are used in systems with an increased operating frequency (in relation to the frequency network) of the type: direct current drive drives, generators for induction heating, high power inverters, converters.

Ultra-fast Diode and Schottky Diode

Ultra-fast diodes and Schottky diodes have a low connector capacity and a short recovery time of valve properties. They are used in systems operating with a high frequency of signal processing, e.g. HF converters.

Avalanche Diode

Avalanche diodes are resistant to overvoltages and are used to build medium power devices in which other diodes with typical overvoltage protection can not be used.

TVS Diode

A transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diode is used to protect other semiconductor components in electronic circuits.

High Voltage Diode

High-voltage diodes are built from a stack of diode structures placed in one housing. The low load capacity of these diodes results from the limited possibility of giving away heat released during the current conduction. They are used in high voltage devices such as HV power supplies and low power HV chargers.

The diodes used in power electronics systems require protection against the effects of short-circuits and overvoltages.

Only quick fuses should be used for short-circuit protection of diodes. These are specially designed fuses with current values adapted to the current size of the diodes and burning out in a very short time after the occurrence of a short circuit. To protect diodes against commutation overvoltages, RC surge suppressors should be used. The parameters of the surge suppressor elements are selected so that the overvoltage occurring at the diode is limited to its safe value.

For surface mounting of diodes, only specialist equipment should be used, following the manufacturer's instructions. Only in this way you can guarantee a good quality assembly, and therefore the reliability of the devices. Hockey puck diodes and diodes in the screw casings require mounting on heat sinks that receive heat from them during operation. The radiator surface in contact with the diode should be smooth, without edges and greased with a special heat-conducting paste. The paste eliminates minor irregularities in the diode's contact with the heatsink, which makes diode cooling better.

The diodes in the screw casing should be screwed in so that their terminals are pressed against the whole heat sink. The hockey puck diodes are mounted in a set of two heat sinks for double-sided cooling and clamping. The sets are adapted to the size of the diodes.

When assembling the hockey puck diodes, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper pressure of the heat sinks to the pellet. The clamping force is adjusted by proper tightening of the clamp bolts, controlling the position of the force indicator.

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