FF series filter fans - Type 3R
  • FF series filter fans - Type 3R

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Manufacturer: FANDIS

FF series filter fans - Type 3R

FF series filter fans - Type 3R

  • Free-tool clip mounting system
  • Plate thickness: FF08 from 1 to 2mm; FF12, FF13 from 1.3 to 3.2mm; FF15, FF20 from 1.3 to 3.7mm (up to 4mm with cut-out max tolerance)
  • Quick electrical connection by screwless terminal block
  • Standard color RAL 9005
  • Standard protection ratings: Type 3R and IP55 (IP54 for FF08 series). Optional versions: IP54
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • UV resistant
  • Plastic construction against atmospheric deterioration, ideal for outdoor applications
  • Other voltages available on request
ModelDimensions HxWxDCut-OutRated VoltageRated power (50/60Hz)Max Air flow (50/60Hz)Static Pressure (50/60Hz)Approvals
FF08A115NN3107x107x6791.5X91.5115 V a.c.9.0/7.012/1523/33CE; cURus; cULus;
FF08A230NN3107x107x6791.5X91.5230 V a.c.10/8.012/1523/33CE; cURus; cULus;
FF08D12NN3107x107x5491.5X91.512 V d.c.2.01628CE; cURus; cULus;
FF08D24NN3107x107x5491.5X91.524 V d.c.2.01628CE; cURus; cULus;
FF08GA115NF3107x107x8092.5X92.5115 V a.c.12/1021/2640/55CE; cURus; cULus;
FF08GA230NF3107x107x8092.5X92.5230 V a.c.12/1121/2640/55CE; cURus; cULus;
FF08GD24NN3107x107x7792.5X92.524 V d.c.1550160CE; cURus; cULus;
FF12A115NF53150x150x73125X125115 V a.c.16/1533/3949/55CE; cURus; cULus;
FF12A115NN53150x150x73125X125115 V a.c.19/1750/5967/82CE; cURus; cULus;
FF12A230NF53150x150x73125X125230 V a.c.18/1733/3949/55CE; cURus; cULus;
FF12A230NN53150x150x73125X125230 V a.c.18/1650/5967/82CE; cURus; cULus;
FF12D24NN53150x150x73125X12524 V d.c.7.43553CE; UR; cULus;
FF12D48NN53150x150x73125X12548 V d.c.8.63553CE; UR; cULus;
FF13PA115NF53204x204x96177X177115 V a.c.18/1875/8750/50CE; cURus; cULus;
FF13PA115NN53204x204x96177X177115 V a.c.16/1590/11075/95CE; cURus; cULus;
FF13PA230NF53204x204x96177X177230 V a.c.18/1875/8750/50CE; cURus; cULus;
FF13PA230NN53204x204x96177X177230 V a.c.19/1790/11075/95CE; cURus; cULus;
FF13PD24NN53204x204x96177X17724 V d.c.8.28552CE; UR; cULus;
FF15A115NF53250x250x124223X223115 V a.c.31/31160/19597/130CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15A115NN532250x250x112223X223115 V a.c.39/41187/22594/121CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15A230NF53250x250x124223X223230 V a.c.32/36160/19597/130CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15A230NN532250x250x112223X223230 V a.c.42/45187/225105/139CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15D24NF53250x250x125223X22324 V d.c.31230150CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15D24NN53250x250x125223X22324 V d.c.1720597CE; UR; cULus;
FF15PA115NF53250x250x112223X223115 V a.c.17/1696/11049/52CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15PA230NF53250x250x112223X223230 V a.c.18/1796/11049/52CE; cURus; cULus;
FF15PD24NN53250x250x112223X22324 V d.c.7.611050CE; UR; cULus;
FF15PD48NN53250x250x112223X22348 V d.c.8.611050CE; UR; cULus;
FF20A115NE531325x325x160291X291115 V a.c.74/83338/37898/107CE; cURus; cULus;
FF20A230NE531325x325x160291X291230 V a.c.70/85360/400112/126CE; cURus; cULus;
FF20GA115NE31325x325x159291X291115 V a.c.110/156675/738183/170CE; cURus; cULus;
FF20GA230NE31325x325x159291X291230 V a.c.120/158680/765200/210CE; cURus; cULus;

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