IGW support-type current transformers for indoor use

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IGW support-type current transformers for indoor use

Special designs -so versatile
To cope with several different primary currents, a joice of primary Switch Over or secondary intermediate topping is available.

IGW support-type current transformers for indoor use are employed for measurement and protection purposes in busbar systems of 24kV medium voltage switch-gear with rated primary currents up to 3000A,

Safety by design
The support-type current transformers of the IGW series ore encapsulated in a cast-resin housing and potted with polyurethane inside the housingI.e. the primary winding and the secondary core-and-coil assembly ore embedded in a single operation, thus guaranteeing optimum insulation resistance. The secondary coreondoit assembly consists of a maximum of three soft magnetic, highly permeable tape-wound toroidal cores, each core being uniformly wound.

The output terminals consist of an M5 terminal pair. One screw of each terminal can be used for direct earthing to the base plate. An M8 earthing terminal is located on the back of the transformer housing.

The output terminals are protected against accidental contact by a sealable transparent cover in self-extinguishing polycarbonate. For versions with more than six terminals an additional covered terminal block is attached to the bock of the housing.

During the final inspection the transformers are subjected to a routine test in accordance with the relevant national and international standards such as VDE, IEC BS, ANSI etc..

Installation - no problems, no maintenance
The principal dimensions of the IGW12CI and IGW24D2 models satisfy DIN 42600 Pari 8.

Each mode! requires no maintenance and can be mounted in any position. Caution: if current transformers are operated open-circuited on the secondary side, extremely high voltages can be generated with resultant damage to equipment and personnel!

IGW support-type current transformers for indoor use

General tethnical data

Rated primary current 5….3000A
Rated secondary current 1A, 5A
Rated frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Rated burden Acc. to customers requirement
Accuracy class Acc. to customers requirement
Reted insulation level Max. 24/50/125kV
Reted short-time thermal current Max. 1000 x IN, max 120kA
Dynamic short time current 2,5 x ITh
Insulation class E
Ambient temperature -5…..+35°C
Alitude of installation above sea level 1000 m n.p.m.
Standard VDE, IEC


TypeLBHabdxRated insulation levelPrimary terminals
A1 260 148 220 190 125 12 155 12kV A
B1 310 148 220 240 125 12 190 12kV A D
C1 340 148 220 270 125 12 190 17,5kV A B D
D1 360 148 220 290 125 12 190 17,5kV A B D
E1 410 148 220 340 125 12 190 17,5kV A B D
F1 460 148 220 390 125 12 190 17,5kV A B D
C21 340 184 220 270 155 14 190 17,5kV A B C D
D12 355 178 280 280 150 14 195 24kV A B D
B2 310 178 280 230 150 14 190 24kV A B C D
D2 355 178 280 280 150 14 205 24kV A B C D
E2 410 178 280 335 150 14 195 24kV A B C D
H32 375 208 280 300 180 14 215 24kV A B C D
E3 405 208 300 330 180 14 195/215 24kV A B C D
E4 405 248 390 330 218 14 195 24kV A B C D
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