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Manufacturer: ELEN

LED clocks, displays

LED clocks, displays made in LED technology.They can present :time, date and temperature. Dimensions adjusted to client request. They are well seen and reliable because of modern LED usage. They can be used in any conditions.

NDC series is dedicated to display time, date and temperature in numeric form.

Standard character height 57, 100, 160 and 212 mm. For internal and external usage.

NDC 57 and NDC 100 models are build from 7 - segment LED modules and destined for indoor usage.

 NDC 160 and NDC 212 mm versions are build from elliptic LED diodes, for indoor usage.

LED clocks are with manual or automatic LED brightness control. Clocks can be connected together to build synchronised clock net.

LED clocks can display time, date and temperature, count up and down. Setting is made with buttons on the casing, remote with infra-red and by the RS485, they can also be synchronized DCF 77,5KHz or GPS.

Technical parameters:

• Time– hour:minute or hour:minute:second;
Date – day.month or day.month.year;
Temperature - 99° ÷ -10°, -9.9° ÷ 99.9° or -99°C ÷ -10°C, -9.9°C ÷ 99.9°C;
Clock functions - Start/Stop/Freeze/Reset;
Counter function – incrementation and decrementation;
Synchronisation with GPS module;
• Optional connection of external or internal temperature sensor.
Time accuracy - +/- 30 sec/month in temperature +20°C ÷ +30°C or optional from GPS module;
I/O – RS-485 to NDC-net bus connection, local input, counter input, sensor input, power supply 2A/250VAC;
Automatic brightness

Display parameters :

  Character height Character quantity Format Legibility Light element types
DAC/NDC/57/4m 57 mm 4 88:88 23 m 7 – segment LED module
DAC/NDC/57/6m 57 mm 6 88:88:88 23 m
DAC/NDC/100/4m 100 mm 4 88:88 40 m
DAC/NDC/100/6m 100 mm 6 88:88:88 40 m
DAC/NDC/160/4m RE 160 mm 4 88:88 70 m Ultralight elliptic red diodes.
DAC/NDC/160/6m RE 160 mm 6 88:88:88 70 m
DAC/NDC/212/4m RE 212 mm 4 88:88 100 m
DAC/NDC/212/6m RE 212 mm 6 88:88:88 100 m

Technical specificaion :

Model I/O Power supply Power Protection level Operation temperature
DAC/NDC/57/4m NDC-net (RS 485) IR receiver external input local for sensor relay 2A/230VAC 230V~ 6.3 VA IP20 -5 - +40°C
DAC/NDC/57/6m 230V~ 7.8 VA IP20 -5 - +40°C
DAC/NDC/100/4m 230V~ 8.0 VA IP20 -5 -h +40°C
DAC/NDC/100/6m 230V~ 10.2 VA IP20 -5 - +40°C
DAC/NDC/160/4m RE 230V~ 12.2 VA IP54 -30 - +40°C
DAC/NDC/160/6m RE 230 V~ 16.7 VA IP54 -30 - +40°C
DAC/NDC/212/4m RE 230 V~ 15.5 VA IP54 -30 - +40°C
DAC/NDC 212/6m RE 230 V~ 21.1 VA IP54 -30 -h +40°C

Standard accessories:
• Power supply, industrial connector for version NDC 160 and NDC 212;
• Wall grips for version NDC 160 and NDC 212;

Optional accessories:
• Infra-red remote control(distance up to 15m)
• GPS module for time synchronisation.

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