SERIA M - Czujniki miniaturowe
  • SERIA M - Czujniki miniaturowe

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M series - miniature sensors

Humidity/-temperature compact sensors with cable or plug-in connection

These sensors are especially adapted to the requirements of measurement tasks which only have limited space available. They are suitable for measuring the relative humidity and temperature in air and other non-aggressive gases. Using the sensors for outdoor applications is not recommended.
The sensors are based on our miniature sensors in the calHT series (product info B1.10). They are fitted with a filter and a 4-pin plug (MCK...4S0) or with a permanently connected 1.5 m long cable (MC(P)K...1Kn). Suitable cables for the model MCK...4S0 can be supplied in different lengths as an option.
The sensors feature high long-term stability, small hysteresis and good dynamic performance.

Technical Data:

Relative Humidity
measuring range 0 … 100% rh
resolution 0,5% rh
accuracy ±2,5% rh (10 … 40 oC, 10 … 90% rh) ±1 digit
other range ........... ±5% rh ±1 digit
influence of temp. ±0.1% rh/K for < 10 °C and > 40 °C
measuring ranges -40oC - 100oC colour code
resolution 0.125˚C
accuracy ±0,5 K dla 23oC ± 1 cyfra (details see diagramm)
operating voltage 5 … 30V DC
output signal :
MC(P)K1 2 x 0 … 1V (dla RL ≥ 100kΩ)
MC(P)K6 digital (similar I2C)
storage temperature -40 … 85oC
working temperature -40 … 85oC
working temperature (with permanent cable) -20 … 70˚C
power consumption < 250 μA
degree of protection
sensor with PTFE filter ZE05 IP40/IP64 (wersje z przewodem)
sensor with protective basket ZE07 IP00
sensor with protective basket ZE08 IP30
Maximum cable lengths:
MC(P)K1 5m dla RL ≥ 100kΩ1)
MC(P)K6 0,5m at a clock rate 100kHz1)
1) longer cables possible depending on the load or clock rate


compact sensors
with tube extension
direct connection plug or cable
phys. output
rel.humidity and temperature
output signal
0..1 V
special edition
seal for increased requirements