Transistor generators - UHT series

Transistor generators - UHT series

The DACPOL SERVICE company offers transistor generators: UHT series with frequencies: 200 ÷ 400kHz and powers: 20 ÷ 160kW.
These generators can successfully replace domestic lamp generators produced in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, by the factories: WAREL (series: PIS and GIS), ELCAL (series: REL), IMP KOŁBIEL (series: G04).
In addition, in those years there was an import of generators, mainly from countries such as the GDR, England and Austria. However, domestic production generators dominated in the industry.
After communism fall in 1989, many Polish companies were taken over by foreign capital. Industrial plants were modernized and tube generators were no longer in production, often replacing them with semiconductor generators constructed on the basis of the dynamically developing technology of IGBT transistors and MOSFET transistors.
However, in smaller production plants, that did not have large investment capital, as well as in many Faculties of Higher Colleges with a material technology profile, tube generators are still successfully used.
However, these generators, after many years of operation, require modernization of control systems and resonance oscillators. To date, the vast majority of them, are still working on domestic lamps, which for many years were produced at the LAMINA plant in Piaseczno (THALES Company). At the beginning of the 21st century, this production ceased.
In order to address this, DACPOL SERVICE submits a tender for the adaptation of generators to cooperate with TESLA lamps, which are "standard", easily accessible and much cheaper than lamps manufactured by Western companies. This conversion is beneficial for the user, for economic and operational reasons, but only when the devices are in relatively good technical condition. In the event of a generally bad technical condition, the conversion or modernization must be avoided and a UHT series transistor generator should be installed instead.
It has two main advantages over a tube generator. First of all, its efficiency is about 25% higher, and secondly, the maintenance and service of the device are more secure.
Also, when increasing the production of heat treated details, it is beneficial to install new generators of the UHT series next to old lamp generators.

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