LH serijos dabartiniai keitikliai
  • LH serijos dabartiniai keitikliai

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LH serijos dabartiniai keitikliai

LH series

High accurate current measurement from 8 up to 100 ARMS for PCB mounting

Main characteristics

  • PCB mounting design for 8 to 100 ARMS nominal current measurements
  • Exceptional overall accuracy up to 0.5% of IPNover the temperature range
  • Maximum offset drift of up to 0.1% of IPN
  • Fast response time less than 0.5 µs
  • Compact design
  • 5 years warranty
  • DC, AC pulse currents' measurements with galvanic isolation
  • Dual supply +/- 12 to +/- 15 V
  • Isolation test voltage: 5 kVRMS / 50 Hz / 1min
  • Current output
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85 °C


Standard compliance

  • PL-EN 50178 for industrial applications such as:
    • Home appliances
    • Variable speed drivers
    • UPS’s
    • SMPS’s
    • Air conditioners
  • European directive EMC 2014/30/EU – CE marking



  • LH 25-NP is a multi-range model (8 - 12 - 25 A ranges)
  • Primary conductors already integrated into the transducers for an optimized coupling between primary and secondary
  • Primary conductor to be soldered on PCB
  • 100% fully compatible vs LEM LAH models

Rated data

ModelPrimary nominal currentMeasuring rangeSecondary nominal currentSupply voltageAccuracyMounting

LH 100-P

100A 175A 50mA ±12-15V 0.2% PCB

LH 25-NP

25A 55A 25mA ±12-15V 0.2% PCB

LH 50-P

50A 110A 25mA ±12-15V 0.2% PCB

Typical characteristics

Step response

Total output current noise

Przetworniki prądowe serii LH - charakterystyki Przetworniki prądowe serii LH - charakterysyki


Przetworniki prądowe serii LH - montaz

Block diagram

Przetworniki prądowe serii LH - schemat blokowy


Przetworniki prądowe serii LH - wymiary

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