Rankinis pirometras vandeniui atspariame korpuse IR-TE
  • Rankinis pirometras vandeniui atspariame korpuse IR-TE

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Rankinis pirometras vandeniui atspariame korpuse IR-TE

Model IR-TE palm-sized infrared thermometer is designed to measure the surface temperature of objects
without making contact with them. The built-in laser sighting pinpoints the center of the area being
measured on the target.

-Conforms to IP67 (dustproof and
waterproof) and washable.
-ABS resin housing with sanitary
specification – fits in your safety program.
-Shockproof construction
-Auto power-off function for saving battery
-Wide temperature range of -40 to 300ºC
(-40 to 572ºF) - ºC/ºF selectable
-Palm sized and lightweight – easy to use in
your hand and easy to carry or store away
-Traceability certificate available upon
request (sold separately)
Technical data
- Temperature range: -40...300°C
- Accuracy rating: ±1% ± 1 digit or ±2ºC (±4ºF) ± 1 digit, whichever is larger
  ±3ºC (±6ºF) ---- for -30 to 0ºC (-22 to 32ºF)
  ±5ºC (±10ºF) ---- for less than -30ºC (-22ºF)
  At ambient temperature of 25 ± 2ºC (77 ± 4ºF) and ε=1.0
Repeatability: Within 1ºC (2ºF) ± 1 digit
Response time: 1 second (90% response)
Targeting: Center of measuring spot is marked by laser beam.
- Display:: Reflection type LCD, 3 digits
-Display resolution: 0.5ºC (1ºF) for -20 to 100ºC (–4 to 212ºF)
  1ºC (2ºF) ---- except the above range
-Auto power off: After 30 seconds when no key is operated

0.95 (default)

0.8 to 1.0 adjustable by internal switch (0.05 increments)

Working temperature 0...50°C
Working humidity 90%RH or less (no dew condensation)
Storage temperature -20 to 55ºC (-4 to 131ºF) (no dew condensation)
  For long time storage, removing of batteries is required.
- Battery: Alkaline AAA, 2 pieces
- Battery life: About 10 hours continuous operation
- Casing:: ABS resin (anti-bacteria)
- Weight: 123g (including batteries)
- Standards:: CE (EN61326-1 Annex C – Portable instrument)
- Sealing: IP67 (waterproof and dustproof)

Dimensions [mm]




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