Termoelektriniai moduliai veikiantys Peltiero efekto principu
  • Termoelektriniai moduliai veikiantys Peltiero efekto principu

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Termoelektriniai moduliai veikiantys Peltiero efekto principu

Thermo-electrical modules (TEM) are semiconductor electronic devices, which operates as compact heat pump. After connecting a low voltage DC supply heat flows from one side of the device to the other.
Because of that one module surface is cooled, when at the same time, on the other surface heat is emitting. Heat flow direction can be changed, by inversion of DC power supply polarisation. Module can therefore operate in both application (cooling and heating) at the same time.
Thermo-electrical module consist of two or more semiconductor elements, which are connected electrically in series and thermally in parallel.

Both type of material polarisation (n i p)are used in TEM.
This causes that heat flows through the module depending on the current flow.

They are used in:
• Telecommunication
• Optic
• Medicine
• Car industry
• Lasers
• Semiconductors
• Computer cooling systems

Cooling power in function of supply current.
DT  temperature difference
I     current
U    voltage DC
N    (p and n) connections quantity

Supply voltage in function of current.

DT temperature difference
I    current
U   voltage DC
N   (p and n) connection quantity

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