Srovės transformatoriai (ant laido), montavimas ant DIN bėgelio

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Top-Hat-Rail transformers

More often current has to be measured on a lower level of the installation. Because of that current values are relatively low and the available space is limited. Furthermore, the accuracy has to be sufficient for power measurement (at least class 1). The DRT49A12 combines these features in one product. Because of the unique construction, no additional soldering or crimping joints are required. This makes the DRT49A12 extremely reliable. The leads have a length of 1 m.


• Designed for energy measurement
• Current ranges 16, 32 and 64A
• High accuracy (class 1)
• Very reliable, no soldering or crimping transitions
• Integrated rail mounting
• Super compact


DescriptionPowerClassArticle nr.
64/1A 0,5VA 1 DRT49A12
32/1A (2 primary turns)
16/1A (3 primary turns)
Kaina be PVM

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Produkto pavadinimas Przekładnia Klasa Galingumas Otwór Išėjimas Patikrinti sandėlio būklę Kiekis [vnt.] Kaina be PVM [PLN] / vnt. Užsisakyk
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Przekładniki prądowe na przewód, montaż na szynie DIN

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