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DACPOL company has been specializing in distribution, service, manufacturing and export of power electronics components since 1991.
DACPOL delivers components for:
-power electronics,
-electrical engineering,
-power engineering,
-process automation.

DACPOL represents more than 140 leading producers of active and passive power components, measuring equipment and power supply converters, fans, heat sinks, inductive components, equipment for cabinet air-conditioning, cables, connectors, insulating materials and others.  We also offer wide range of elements for industrial process automation and equipment for workshops (tools and measuring equipment).

DACPOL designs and manufactures power units, produces and services industrial equipment for process automation and induction heating.

A MAIL-ORDER CATALOGUE is DACPOLS' latest activity, which adds new products to our offer with fast delivery  to the Customer.
The DACPOLS' MAIL-ORDER CATALOGUE means: competitive prices, full range offer, well-known producers, easy ordering.

Main users of our products are:
- producers of: AC and DC drive units, electrical welding equipment, power supplies, equipment for electrical traction, control equipment for automation, electrical equipment for cars, consumer electronics,
- R&D institutes,
- business establishments,
- service centers.

DACPOL company exports materials, components and power electronics to Europe, USA, Canada and the Far East markets.
DACPOL established own companies in Saint-Petersburg and Kiev, agents and distributors in Belarus, Latvia and Estonia.
DACPOL promotes and sells Polish made products there as well.

Main advantage of our company is qualified technical staff, which helps Customers to choose proper solutions and products.DACPOL employs at the moment 45 sales engineers specialized in different product groups.  
We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday,
from 7:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

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