Aušintuvai, 2 TCW serijos alyvos aušintuvai
  • Aušintuvai, 2 TCW serijos alyvos aušintuvai

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Aušintuvai, 2 TCW serijos alyvos aušintuvai

Chillers for water cooling series 2 TCW56-A0

Cooling power range 6000 - 10900 W
Casing Steel, covered with polyester, colour RAL 7035, casing is removable.
Compressor Hermetically closed compressor with thermal protection.
Cooling circuit Stub pipe for cooling liquid refill, filter, high pressure switch, cooling liquid R134a.
Evaporator Plate heat exchanger with icing protection and flow sensor.
Condenser High efficient, spiral exchanger with ribs, protected with steel net.
Axial fan Protected thermally and with metal net.
Hydraulic circuit Consist of electric pump, plastic water container, valve, manometer 0-10 bar. Evaporator is protected with flow sensor.
Temperature control Done by the microprocessor controller TX200, which allows for water temperature control as well as setting of the alarms, lights and turning device on/off.


Chłodnice, Chillery do chłodzenia wody serii 2 TCW  wymiar

Technical data

Type TCW 56 TCW 70 TCW 91 TCW A0
Nominal cooling power [W] 6000 8100 9200 10900
Ambient temperature range [°C] +15 ÷ +45
Water temperature range [°C] +8 ÷ +25
Cooling liquid R134a
Power supply [V/Hz] 400 3f / 50
Power [W] 4030 4130 4430 4830
Water flow [l/min] 17,0 / 50,0 23,0 / 50,0 26,0 / 50,0 32,0 / 50,0
Water pressure [bar] 3,0 2,8 2,5 2,3
Container capacity [l] 60,0

Water terminal [BPS]

Weight [kg] 152,0 154,0 157,0 160,0

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