Ilgi kabeliai ir juostos serijos C1FS / I - C2FS / I - R3FS / I
  • Ilgi kabeliai ir juostos serijos C1FS / I - C2FS / I - R3FS / I

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Ilgi kabeliai ir juostos serijos C1FS / I - C2FS / I - R3FS / I


C1FS/I cables are specially designed for heating concrete tracks for VAL type metros. They can be terminated into copper tubes.

C2FS/I cables are specially designed for heating metal metro tracks and rails of the VAL type. They can be slid inside a U-shaped composite profile clamped against the rail with stainless steel clips.

R3FS/I tapes are used when it is required to trace very long stretches, where a 400V, 3-phase power supply is available, for example in pits or tunnels. To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

  • Designed according to customer requirements.
  • For very long circuits.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant.
  • Connection via tubular connectors and Heat-shrink sheath.
  • Stainless steel braid.
  • Mechanical protection and earthing.
  • Fluoropolymer and silicon elastomer insulation

Heating strand niklowo-miedziany lub niklowo-chromowy
Dimensions Ø 6.5 mm 5 x 9 mm 7 x 16 mm
Max. power 40 W/m 60 W/m 80 W/m
Max. voltage 750 V
conductor insulation Fluoropolymer
External insulation Silicon elastomer
Permissible surface temperature from - 70°C to +200°C
Toleracne Resistance ± 10 %

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