Elektroninis rotacinio greičio matuoklis ETS762
  • Elektroninis rotacinio greičio matuoklis ETS762

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Elektroninis rotacinio greičio matuoklis ETS762

* 72x72mm sized.
* 2x6 digits display.
* Easy to use by front panel keypad.
* On and Off times of the input pulses can be selected.
* Sensor type can be selected as PNP or NPN.
* Sampling time can be adjusted between 0.2s and 16.0s.
* Selectable functional reset.
* Double set-points control is made by 2 relays outputs.
* Output can be energized while process value is greater or lower than the
preset value.
* Time delay can be included to the output operation.
* Output can be energized continuously or just for a time interval of 0.1
to 999.9 seconds.
* Decimal point can be adjusted between 1. and 5. digits.
* Prescaler factor can be adjusted between 0.00001 and 999.999 for calibration.
* Display configuration can be adjusted.
* Parameter access protection on 3 levels.
* Easy connection by removable screw terminals.
* CE marked according to European Norms.
Technical data
- Dimensions
- Indicator
LED 6 digits, red, 9,1mm for counted value LED 6 digits, yellow, 7,1mm for set value      
- Weight
- Supply
230VAC +10%- 20%; 24 V AC ±10%, 9...30VDC ±10%/7-24AC±10%SMPS
- Sampling time
Adjustable between 0.2s and 16.0s.
- Assembly
- Power consumption
max 7VA
- Memory
EEPROM (minimum 10 years)
- Input signal
sensor type(PNP,NPN) chosen with keyboard
- Scale multiplier
programmable: 0.00001 - 999.999
- Keyboard
- Casing material
- Control output (OUT1)
Relay : 250V AC, 2A (for resistive load), NO+NC
Open collector output (S.S. OUT1): Max. 30V DC, 100mA.
- Control output (OUT2)
Relay : 250V AC, 2A (for resistive load), NO+NC
Open collector output (S.S. OUT2): Max. 30V DC, 100mA.
- Ambient/storage temperature
0... 50°C
- Rated pollution degree
According to EN 60529 Front panel : IP65
Rear panel : IP20

Catalogue number
TypePower supply
ETS762 230V AC
ETS726-SM 9...30V DC-7...24V AC ±10%


Connection scheme

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