KR2000 serijos mikroprocesoriniai registratoriai su LCD ekranu
  • KR2000 serijos mikroprocesoriniai registratoriai su LCD ekranu

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KR2000 serijos mikroprocesoriniai registratoriai su LCD ekranu

Microprocessor recorders KR2000 series

Microprocessor recorders KR series allow for visualization, recording and archiving of industrial process parameters. They are equipped with a 5.6" color display, internal memory card and the system of recording recorded parameters on CompactFlash card. The recorder cooperates with a computer program that allows data collection and processing. The data can be transferred on the card or directly in real time from the recorder to a computer using communication output and MODBAS protocol.

KR series recorders have a functional LCD display, which allows to present recorded data in various forms of visualization: paper tape emulation, trends, bar graphs, digital fields. On the screen you can observe the data collected on the fly as well as browse the history, i.e. the data stored in the recorder's memory. The recorded data are written to the non-volatile RAM memory of the recorder. The recorder is equipped with internal memory and 128 MB memory card. The recorder supports memory cards with capacities from 32 MB to 2 GB.

KR series recorders are easy to use and program. Recorder input data and program settings can be entered through the keyboard on the recorder or through the interface from a computer. The recorder meets all necessary requirements and approvals connected with its use. It cooperates with computer software that allows to make even more extensive use of the recorder's capabilities.

Technical data - Microprocessor recorders KR2000 series

Number of channels 6 or 12 inputs
Input signal type universal input: the recorder cooperates with all kinds of thermocouple and thermoresistance sensors, current and voltage analog signals
Input type
programmable, selected from the recorder's menu using keyboard
Measurement range user programmable