Miniatiūrinis apsauginis jungiklis su raktu GKM serijos
  • Miniatiūrinis apsauginis jungiklis su raktu GKM serijos

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Gamintojas: Honeywell

Miniatiūrinis apsauginis jungiklis su raktu GKM serijos

Stosowany samoistnie stanowi zabezpieczenie kategorii 1 a w połączeniu z naszymi przekaźnikami bezpieczeństwa, można zbudować wszechstronny układ zabezpieczający kategorii 2, 3 lub 4.

•Red body color
•Integrated cable or connector(s)
•Bottom, side, and dual entry cable
•90° or straight key
•Extremely compact enclosure
•Positive opening operation of Normally Closed contacts conforming to IEC/EN 609447-5-1-3
•IP67 enclosure rating
•Design allows side-by-side mounting and daisy-chaining from switch to switch
•Dust cap for unused key entry
•Robust stainless steel keys
•UL listed, CSA certified, CE compliant
•High current switching capabilities
•Small door swing radius allows use down to 160 mm [6.3 in]

•Immediately identifiable as safety component
•Reduced installation time and costs
•Flexibility in mounting/actuation options
•Switch equipment directly and through safety control modules
•Fits into extremely compact spaces
•Often suitable for wet applications
•Simple mechanical and electrical redundancy
•Easy application to multiple door modular machinery – reduced difficulty in wiring small switch enclosures
•Durable and tough design
•Complies with global requirements

Expected mechanical life >1 milion operacji
Degree of protection IP66/67
Temperature range -25 ... 85°C
Approvals: IEC 60947-5-1,
  EN 60947-5-1, EN 1088
  EN 60204,
  CSA22-2-14, UL748C
  AC15, B300
  DC13, Q300
Vibration: 10g according to IEC 68-2-6 (BS 2011, część 2.1 Fc)
Uderzenia: 50g according to IEC 68-2-27 (BS 2011, część 2.1 Ea)

Wymiary [mm/cal]:


CasingConnectorContacts key style
1 Cable 1m

2 Cable 2m

3 Cable 3m

1 NZ/1 NO
Break before make
GKMF version with 2 terminals