SIC MOSFET moduliai
  • SIC MOSFET moduliai

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Gamintojas: Mitsubishi

SIC MOSFET moduliai


  • Power loss reduced up to 70%

SiC Power Modules have approximately 10 times the critical breakdown strength than silicon modules and their drift layer is one-tenth of the thickness. This allows a large reduction in electrical resistance, which reduces power losses.

  • High-temperature operation

SiC has a band gap three times greater than that of silicon, which prevents leakage current flow and enables operation at high temperatures.

  • High-speed switching operation

In SiC modules, due to the high dielectric breakdown, power loss is reduced and it is easier to obtain high voltage. It is also possible to use Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs), which cannot be used with silicon modules. SBDs are characterized by fast switching motion because they don't have accumulation carriers. As a result, high-speed switching can be realized.

  • Improved heat dissipation

SiC has three times the heat conductivity of silicon, which improves heat dissipation.


  • Industrial equipment
  • Traction
  • PV application
  • Home appliances
Product name Model Voltages[V] Current[A] Connection
Full SiC Power Modules FMF300BXZ-24B 1200 300 4in1
FMF400BX-24B 400 4in1
FMF400BXZ-24B 400 4in1
FMF600DXZ-24B 600 2in1
FMF800DX-24B 800 2in1
FMF800DXZ-24B 800 2in1
FMF1200DXZ-24B 1200 2in1
FMF300DXZ-34B 1700 300 2in1
FMF300E3XZ-34B 300 2in1 (Chopper)
Full SiC-IPM PMF75CGA120 1200 75 6in1
Hybrid SiC Power Modules for High-frequency Switching Applications CMH100DY-24NFH 1200 100 2in1
CMH150DY-24NFH 150
CMH200DU-24NFH 200
CMH300DU-24NFH 300
CMH400DU-24NFH 400
CMH600DU-24NFH 600
CMH400HC6-24NFM 400 1in1
Full SiC Power Modules FMF375DC-66A 3300 375 2in1
FMF750DC-66A 750
Hybrid SiC Power Modules CMH1200DC-34S 1700 1200
CMH600DC-66X 3300 600
Super mini Full SiC DIPIPM PSF15S92F6 600 15 6in1
PSF25S92F6 25
Super mini Hybrid SiC DIPPFC PSH30L92C6-W 600 30Arms Three-phase interleaved
PSH20L91A6-A 20Arms Two-phase interleaved
Super mini Full SiC DIPPFC PSF20L91A6-A

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