Nilar EB spintos
  • Nilar EB spintos

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Nilar EB spintos

Nilar offers small to medium scale solutions that are ideal for safe energy storage in homes, office buildings, apartment blocks and housing estates. When connected to solar or wind power stations you get full advantage of the intermittent nature of sustainable energy. The combination of Nilar’s smart Battery Management System (BMS) and the energy compact Nilar EC batteries delivers the ideal energy buffer to boost grid supply. For busy periods and peak hours, the Nilar EC energy storage cabinets is the ideal solution to lower tariff fees.

The Nilar energy storage system solutions can be configured according to different setups, creating flexibility and a user-friendly experience for the customers. To enable the Nilar Energy Storage System to operate according to the specifications, an inverter is required to handle charging and discharging of the energy storage and for the conversion between AC/ DC. Nilar can assist you upon request to find the correct inverter to match your Energy Storage System.

An Energy Management System (EMS) is also required in order to control when and where the power should be delivered. The EMS can either communicate with the Nilar BMS or directly with the inverter to initiate charging or discharging of the battery bank.


Product range specification

CabinetArt. no.DescriptionNo. of battery packsPack voltage [V]System voltage [V]Rated capacity [Ah]Energy [kWh]Weight [kg]Depth [mm]Height [mm]Width [mm]
ECH-576V-11,5kWh 20-0020 Cabinet 11,5 kWh 8 144 576 20 11,5 352 655 1033 701
ECH-576V-17,2kWh 20-0021 Cabinet 17,2 kWh 12 144 576 30 17,2 518 655 1388 701
ECH-576V-23kWh 20-0022 Cabinet 23 kWh 16 144 576 40 23 684 655 1743 701
ECH-576V-28,8kWh 20-0023 Cabinet 28,8 kWh 20 144 576 50 28,8 850 655 2098 701

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