Nira ec home box
  • Nira ec home box

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Nira ec home box

The Nilar EC Home Box provides all the benefits of other Nilar energy storage solutions with a considerably smaller footprint. You can now take full advantage of peak shaving and time shifting applications in the comfort of your home.

Combining solar panels with energy storage from Nilar allows you to use this renewable energy source even when the sun is down. It also provides you with the ability to use extra energy for when you really need it, without putting additional strain on your grid connection. This reduces demand charges and will allow you to take full advantage of your grid connection.


Product specifications

CabinetArt. no.DescriptionNo. of battery packsPack voltage [V]System voltage [V]Rated capacity [Ah]Energy [kWh]Weight [kg]Depth [mm]Height [mm]Width [mm]
ECH-576V-6kWh 24-0069 Home Box 6 kWh 4 144 576 10 6 207 305 945 900
ECH-576V-6kWh-F 21-0001 Home Box 6 kWh-F 4 144 576 10 6 207 305 945 900

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