Oro srauto siųstuvas MVEVK-961.100
  • Oro srauto siųstuvas MVEVK-961.100

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Oro srauto siųstuvas MVEVK-961.100


The MVEVK-961.100 is a compact air speed transducer for mass applications. Thanks to its small size, the sensor can be used in almost any application. The use of a high-quality thin-layer sensor element, based on the hot film anemometer principle, guarantees the highest accuracy and high sensitivity. Thanks to their design, the flow sensor elements are less sensitive to dust and other fouling than traditional hot wire anemometers and thus facilitate the highest reproducibility as well as proven long-term stability of the measurement results. The MVEVK-961.100 can be assembled quickly and easily. The sensor alignment is defined by a guiding strip and the mounting flange suitable for it. The immersion depth can be set in a continuously variable manner with the mounting flange.

For details on the suitable microprocessor controller JDU-210, see the Industrial Technology section..


Accuracy: +/- (0,4 m/s + 6% MW)
Actuation time T90 at 10m/s: typ. 4 s (at constant temperature)
Ambient temperature from: -20
Ambient temperature up to: 60
Colour of housing: grey
Connecting cables: 0,5 m, 3 x 0,25 mm2, PVC
Current drawn: max. 70 mA
Degree of protection: Sensor head IP 20, enclosure IP 40
Dimensions of housing: 150 x 12 x 12 mm
Electrical connection: only at safety extra-low voltage, 3-conductor
Installation/fastening: Channel mounting by means of mounting flange
Material of housing: Plastic PC
max. measurement current: < 1 mA
Measurement ranges: 0...20 m / s
Medium: Air, not aggressive
Number of outputs: 1
Operating voltage: 19...29 VDC
Output signal: continuous 0...10 V
Permissible atmospheric humidity: max. 95% r.h., non-condensing
Protection class: III
Safety and EMC: according to DIN EN 61326-1, 61326-2-3
Scope of supply: Transducer, mounting flange
Sensor: Hot film anemometer
Sensor wire extendable up to: depending on the cross-section of the conductor and the evaluation unit
Storage temperature: -30...+60 °C
Surface quality: mat

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