Stogo ventiliatorius su filtru REP 018 serijos: 300 m³/h, 500 m³/h
  • Stogo ventiliatorius su filtru REP 018 serijos: 300 m³/h, 500 m³/h

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Gamintojas: STEGO

Stogo ventiliatorius su filtru REP 018 serijos: 300 m³/h, 500 m³/h

  • Verylownoise
  • Minimaldepthinenclosure
  • Highthrough-flowairvolume
  • Highreliability
  • Time-savinginstallationandmatexchange
Roof filter fans find use in enclosures and housings, from which warm air has to be diverted to lower the internal temperature. These low-noise roof filter fans are used to expel warm air from within the enclosure which has been generated by the stray power of the components and so protects the internal devices from overheating. To exchange the filter mat the hood can be easily opened without tools. The roof exit filter provides passive ventilation
Technical Data:
Axial fans, ball bearing
service life 50,000h at 25°C/77°F (65% RH) fan body aluminium, rotor plastic
3-pole clamp for 2.5mm², clamping torque 0.8Nm max.
plastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey; weather proof and UV light resistant according UL746C (f1)
Filter mat
G3 acc. to DIN EN 779, filtering degree 85%
Filter material
synthetic fibre with progressive construction, temperature resistant to 100°C, self-extinguishing class F1;
moisture resistant to 100% RH, reusable - cleaning by
Operating / Storage temperature
- 45 oC do + 70 oC
Prot. type
IP43 (with the contribution of G3) / IP33 (without filter G3)
Protection class
UL intended; (230V only: VDE)

Important note
For reasons of pressure compensation the roof filter fan must always be operated in
combination with a passive intake filter (e.g. Art. No. 11803.0-00) or another filter fan (e.g. Art. No. 01803.0-00).

Roof Filter Fan RFP 018 Series

Art. No.Operating voltageAir volume,
free flow
Air volume,
free flow
Average noise level
(DIN EN ISO 4871)
Depth in
01860.0-00 AC 230V, 50Hz 300m3/h
(with the contribution of G3)
(without filter G3)
68W 55dB (A) 52mm 250 x 250mm + 0.4 3.3kg
01861.0-00 AC 230V, 50Hz 500m3/h
(with the contribution of G3)
(without filter G3)
64W 67dB (A) 107mm 250 x 250mm + 0.4 2.6kg
01860.0-02 AC 120V, 60Hz 345m3/h
(with the contribution of G3)
(without filter G3)
60W 55dB (A) 52mm 250 x 250mm + 0.4 3.3kg
01861.0-02 AC 120V, 60Hz 575m3/h
(with the contribution of G3)
(without filter G3)
85W 67dB (A) 107mm 250 x 250mm
+ 0,4

Roof Exit Filter REP 118 Series
Art. No.Depth in enclosureEnclosure cut-outWeight (approx.)Filter matProtection type
11860.0-00 11mm 250 x 250mm + 0.4 1.Okg G3 acc. to DIN EN 779, filtering degree 85% IP43 (z f. G3)/ IP 33 (bez f. G3)

Filter Mat FM 086
Filter mat282 x 282mm
G3 (1 packing unit = 3 pcs.) Art. No. 08613.0-00

Roof fan (01860.0-xx)
Roof fan (01861.00-xx)

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