WME-A - prie sienos montuojamos erdvė taupančios lemputės
  • WME-A - prie sienos montuojamos erdvė taupančios lemputės

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Gamintojas: Patlite

WME-A - prie sienos montuojamos erdvė taupančios lemputės

Technical data

· FB type: Built-in audible alarm up to 90dB at 1m .
· Installation: Easy vertical and horizontal installation with mounting bracket.
· Interchangeable Modules: No re-wiring even after installation.
· Mount option: Compatible with household switch box (JISC 8336 with 82.5m pitch).
· Main body: Made of ABS resin.
· Lens: Superior impact and heat resistant polycarbonate resin for superior durability and light transmission.
· NPN/PNP Compatible: 24V DC type ONLY.
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear/White


SIZE - 80mm profile
- 90V-250V AC
FUNCTIONS - Continuous Only
- Continuous, Flashing, Alarms
MOUNTING - pre-assembled, pre-wired
- Lenses are interchangeable
- not stackable after purchase
BODY STYLE - Wall mount only: includes mounting bracket
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
TIERS - Available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 tier versions
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
- Clear
BUZZER - One Alarm: selectable, alternating two-tone, 80dB (at 1m)
- UL Component Recognition (US)
- c-UL Component Recognition (Canada)
PROTECTION RATINGS - IP-65 ( For Special Order )
- IP-54 ( Normal )



module quantityTypeSupply voltagePower consumption
2 WME-202A 24V AC/DC 2,7W
2 WME-2M2A 90...250VAC 6,4W (@ 200V)
3 WME-302A 24V AC/DC 4W
3 WME-3M2A 90...250VAC 8,4W (@200V)
4 WME-402A 24V AC/DC 5W
4 WME-4M2A 90...250VAC 10,4W(@ 200V)
5 *WME-402A 24V AC/DC 6W
5 *WME-4M2A 90...250VAC 12,4W(@ 200V)


Catalogue number
1 - Module quantity:
2 - Supply voltage:
   02: 24V AC/DC
   M2: 90...250V AC

3 - Signalisation:
   nothing: constant light
FB: constant light or blinking with sound signal

   4 - Colour:
   R - Red
   Y - Yellow
   G - Green
   B - Blue
   C - Transparent

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