Didelių matmenų švieslentės rodantys raides ir skaičius
  • Didelių matmenų švieslentės rodantys raides ir skaičius

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Didelių matmenų švieslentės rodantys raides ir skaičius

In order to display message containing letters and digits alphanumeric displays are used. Multi function software allows to cooperate with most of industrial measurement and control devices and PC computers

Additional information:
Possibility to wireless or infra-red control.

TDU Series
Alphanumeric programmable device with dynamic and static text display option. High quality LEDs with high contrast allow for long and reliable operation.
Devices has seal, aluminium casing, which provide protection even in hard operation conditions.
Character size 75 mm 99 mm 120 mm 200 mm 240 mm
Rows quantity 2
Read Single or double
Diode colour red, green, red and green, amber
Read 30 m 40 m 50 m 100 m 120 m
Resolution 16 x 128 16 x 240 16 x 240 20 x 224 18 x 168
Raster 4,75 mm 6,19 mm 7,62 mm 10 mm 13,33 mm
Protection level IP55 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
Dimensions 800x310x150 1700x320x110 2050x350x150 2400x372x86 2430x395x90
Light elements High brightness diodes AllnGaP, PLLC-4 smd
Communication interface RS 232/RS 485, LonWorks(FTT-10A), Profibus DP, Ethernet (TCP/IP), parallel communication, PLC-BCD, others 
Operation temperature -30 - +40oC
Casing Aluminium profile RAL 7001
Power supply 230VAC with tollerance +6%,-10%, 50Hz

TDU 76
TDU 99

TDU 122

TDU 200

TDU 240

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