Apsauginis jungiklis - serija GKN
  • Apsauginis jungiklis - serija GKN

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Gamintojas: Honeywell

Apsauginis jungiklis - serija GKN

TheMICRO SWITCH GKN Series safety interlock switches provide superior reliability in a compact, cost-
effective package size. Six different types of actuator keys are available.

The GKN Series conforms to IEC 60947-5-1 and carries cULus, CE,and C CC approvals.

•Positive opening safety contacts
•Choice of six actuators
•Double insulated per IEC 60947-5-1
•Global approvals (cULus, CE, CCC)
•Three cable entries
•Large wiring cavity
•Large M20 cable entry
•Four-entry head

•Meets global safety standards
•Wide application coverage
•No additional earthing requirements
•Final equipment may be sold worldwide
•Cable-to-switch orientation flexibility
•Wiring simplified
•No need to reconfigure head orientation

Potential applications
•Woodworking machinery
•Printing/paper finishing equipment
•Plastic molding equipment
•Packaging machinery
•Bailing and pumping equipment
•Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
•Packaging wrapping
•Specialty equipment



Designation and
Utilization Category
Rated Operational Current Ie (A) at Rated Operational Voltage Ue (V)
  120 V~ 125 V= 240 V~ / 250 V=