Kabelių lovelių parinkimas
  • Kabelių lovelių parinkimas

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Kabelių lovelių parinkimas

If the fixed end of the E-Chain® is placed in the center of the travel, the chain length LK comes to half of the travel distance plus an extra K for the bending radius. The value K can always be gathered from the table in the catalog. The most cost-efficient solution is to always place the fixed end at the center of the travel, as less E-Chains® and, in the majority of cases, less cables are required.

Calculation of E-Chain®-lengths and camber Calculation of E-Chain®-lengths and camber
This formula is applicable in principle for all applications, if the fixed end lies at the center of the travel distance. Exceptions: Circular motions and most long travels. This formula is applicable, if the fixed end lies beyond the center of the travel distance

LK> = Length of E-Chain®
S = Length of travel
R = Bending radii
ΔM = Deviation from the mean
K = R * π + (2 x T)
(K is taken from the data tables of the individual igus® Series)
H = Nominal clearence height
HF = Required clearance height

The economic use of the maximum possible unsupported lengths is governed by the parameters of design, material and pretension. Camber is the curve of the upper run along its unsupported length. All series of igus® E-Chains® are produced with pretension. Under installation dimensions you will find the dimension HF, which gives the required installation height taking the pretension into account. Pretension results in longer unsupported lengths and increases the service life and operational safety. Upon request, we can deliver Energy Chains® without camber for restricted space applications - however, these "no camber" chains do not have the same load-bearing capacity.

Special "NC" EChains® with no camber also available.
Necessary clearance height - depends on the camber of the E-Chain®. Find values for the necessary clearance height "HF" on each product page.
Calculation of E-Chain®-lengths and camber

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