MTL MA15 - "FieldBus" autobusų stabdys
  • MTL MA15 - "FieldBus" autobusų stabdys

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Gamintojas: MTL Instruments

MTL MA15 - "FieldBus" autobusų stabdys

The MA15 range of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the effects of ‘noise pollution’ induced in mains power supplies. MA15 units ‘clean up’ the effects of industrial noise and surges caused by lightning, switching devices, thyristor controls, transmission system overloads and power-factor correction circuits. Industrial control systems utilising programmable logic controllers (plc) and industrial computers are particularly vulnerable due to the aggressive electrical environments for which they are intended, such as process plants, factories and water treatment sites. Although industrial computers and plcs are designed to be rugged, the extra protection provided by the DIN rail mounting MA15 units is critical. Ideally suited for protecting panel mounted equipment and typically used in the controls section of a motor control centre (MCC), the MA15 range provides surge and RFI protected power. Suitable for AC or DC application, MA15 units reduce both electromagnetic emissions and the susceptibility of the associated equipment to emissions from other sources.

  • Protects panel loads up to 15 Amps in series, unlimited Amps in parallel
  • Suitable for AC or DC application
  • Thermal and short circuit protection
  • Optional LED status indication feature
  • Exceeds requirements of IEC 61000-4-5
  • 10 year product warranty

Product code DecriptionDownloads
MA15 AC and DC mains filter and surge protection devices MTL MA15
MA15E Ex ec, AC/DC Surge Protection Device with mains filter MTL MA15E

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