PES/PEW - šviesos diodų signalinės lempos
  • PES/PEW - šviesos diodų signalinės lempos

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PES/PEW - šviesos diodų signalinės lempos

Technical data

· Newly Developed Triple-reflection System: For enhanced visibility and low power consumption.
· Flashing Cycles: 3 patterns —60/120/180 fpm, selectable by a switch.
· PEW-B type: Built-in audible alarm with adjustable volume up to 85dB at 1m.
· Maintenance-free: LED’s power consumption is approx. half of incandescent bulb type (100V/200V AC).
· Installation: Indoors—upright, inverted, sideways; Outdoors—upright only.
· Dome: Superior weather resistant and light translucent acrylic resin.
· PEW: IP54 (IP23 : Using the side wire exit); PES: IP55 (with optional rubber gasket SZ-210, IP23 without SZ-210).
· CE Compliance: 24V AC/DC type ONLY.
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue

TypeSupply voltagePower consumptionFlashes frequencyWeight
PEW-24 24V AC/DC 2,5W

approx. 180/min
approx. 120/min
approx. 60/min

PES-24 24V AC/DC 1,5W 0,24kg
PEW-24B 24V AC/DC 2,5W 0,34kg
PEW-200 200V AC 5,6W 0,52kg
PES-200 200V AC 3,2W 0,43kg
PEW-200B 200V AC 5,6W 0,54kg




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