Terminio vaizdo kamera
  • Terminio vaizdo kamera

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Gamintojas: Chino

Terminio vaizdo kamera

Measure range N: -20..300°C
    K: 100..800°C
Resolution   0,5°C
Dokładność:    N: ±2%  
    lub ±3°C
    K: ±1%  
Detector:   Thermopile, 2000 pixels
Wave length:   10µm
Viewable angle   N: 60°x60° lub 25°x25°
    K: 25°x25°
Radius resolution:  60°x60° - 21,8 mrad
    25°x25° - 9,1mrad
Frame speed:  Ethernet – 3Hz 
    (1Hz for alarm output)
    USB – 0,5Hz

Focus:   Fixed
Emissivity  0,1…1,00
Communications interface: Ethernet  or USB 2.0
Alarm:   2 points
Power supply: 12..24Vdc
Power consumption:   Ethernet: max 2,5VA @12Vdc
    USB: max 1VA @12Vdc
Inrush current*:   max 1,3A @12Vdc
operation temperature: -10..50°C
humidity:   10..80%Rh without steam condensation
Casing:   Black polycarbonate
Weight:   ok. 150g.
IP: IP65
Standards:   CE (EN61326 Annex A)


Measure are and distance


1,4 4,2 7
Width/Pix 29 88 146

0,5 1,5 2,5
Width/Pix 10 31 52
1. Monitoring mode
The temperature data is outputted continously by a command from the PC
2. Capturing mode
The temperature data is outputted row-by-row horizontally by a command from PLC
Software(up to 4 cameras)
1. Ethernet setup
2. Sensor setup
- emissivity
- measure area
- alarm setup
3. Operation mode setup
4. Temperature records written to excel (*.csv) file
5. Picture registration into(*.jpg) file
6. Max min temperature
7. Alarm detection
- max 8 areas
8. Scale setup
9. Picture processing
- average
- filters
- picture turn
- mean filter
10. Trend chart
11. Graphical processing
12. Histogram

Wymiary [mm]
Electric motors and pumps protection

Electric devices temperature monitoring