Šildymo laidai EX sprogioms zonoms, serija ILMw...(CT/CF) 100C
  • Šildymo laidai EX sprogioms zonoms, serija ILMw...(CT/CF) 100C

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Šildymo laidai EX sprogioms zonoms, serija ILMw...(CT/CF) 100C

Electrical heating tape for frost protection or temperature maintenance of instrument lines, pipework or vessels in safe or hazardous area environments.

Przewody grzejne w wykonaniu EX seri ILMw… (CT/CF) 100oC
  • Automatically adjusts heat output in response to heated surface temperature.
  • Can be cut-to-length with minimal wastage.
  • Suitable for light industrial and commercial applications up to +100°C.
  • Full range of terminations, controls, accessories and approvals available.
  • Will not overheat, even when overlapped.
  • Available for 220=277V AC (110V=120V AC upon request)


Quintherm ILM [&] ILMw is a medium industrial/ commercial grade self-regulating heating tape that can be used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipework or vessels in the construction and heavy industries up to and including 100°C which are not subject to steam cleaning.

It can be cut-to-length on site to match exact pipe lengths without any complicated design considerations.

ILM [&] ILMw is approved for use in non-hazardous, hazardous or corrosive environments to world-wide standards.

Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability. ILM [&] ILMw will not overheat or burnout, even if overlapped upon itself. Its power output is automatically self-regulated in response to pipe or heated surface temperature.

Installation of Quintherm ILM [&] ILMw is quick and easy, requiring no special tools or skills. Terminations, in-line splicing and power connection components are all available in convenient kits.

Available Options

ILM(w)../Qx Base heating tape without any braiding or outerjacket. (only for non-Ex applications) (available upon special request)

ILM(w)..C/Qx Base heating tape with tinned copper braid providing mechanical protection or where Traced equipment does not provide an effective earth path, e.g. plastic or non-metallic pipework or surfaces. (available upon special request)

ILM(w)..CT/Qx Base heating tape with tinned copper braid and thermoplastic outerjacket for added mechanical and light chemical protection.

ILM(w)..CF/Qx Base heating tape with tinned copper
braid and fluoropolymer outerjacket for added mechanical
and aggressive chemical protection.


Technical Data

Max. Allowed Exposure Temperature:
Power On:
Power Off:

Min. Installation Temperature: -40OC
Min. Operating Temperature: -65OC
Power Supply: 220-277V AC
Temperature Class.: T4 = ILM17... and ILM31... T3... ILMw45... and ILMw60...
Max. Resistance of Protective Braiding: ≤18,2 Ω/km

TypeDimensions Nominal (mm)Weight kg/100 mMin. Bending Radius (mm)Gland Size
ILM.. 10,5 x 3,75 5,7 25 M20
ILM..C 11,5 x 4,75 9,5 30 M20
ILM..CT 12,7 x 5,95 11,8 35 M20
ILM..CF 12,7 x 5,95 12,6 35 M20
ILMw.. 13,2 x 4,3 8,7 25 M20
ILMw..C 14,2 x 5,3 12,9 30 M20
ILMw..CT 15,4 x 6,5 15,7 40 M25
ILMw..CF 15,4 x 6,5 16,6 40 M25

Nominal Power Output at 230V AC, when ILM(w) is installed on thermally insulated carbon steel pipes.

Approvals - Here to Download


Max. Cct Length (m) vs. MCB Size (A)