ILM(w)... /Qx 100°C
  • ILM(w)... /Qx 100°C

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Manufacturer: Quintex

Heating ducts made ex series ILM (W) ... / qx 100 ° C

Electrical heating tape for frost protection or temperature maintenance of instrument lines, pipework or vessels in safe or hazardous area environments.

Przewody grzejne w wykonaniu EX seri ILMw… (CT/CF) 100oC
  • Automatically adjusts heat output in response to heated surface temperature.
  • Can be cut-to-length with minimal wastage.
  • Suitable for light industrial and commercial applications up to +100°C.
  • Full range of terminations, controls, accessories and approvals available.
  • Will not overheat, even when overlapped.
  • Available for 220=277V AC (110V=120V AC upon request)


Quintherm ILM [&] ILMw is a medium industrial/ commercial grade self-regulating heating tape that can be used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipework or vessels in the construction and heavy industries up to and including 100°C which are not subject to steam cleaning.

It can be cut-to-length on site to match exact pipe lengths without any complicated design considerations.

ILM [&] ILMw is approved for use in non-hazardous, hazardous or corrosive environments to world-wide standards.

Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability. ILM [&] ILMw will not overheat or burnout, even if overlapped upon itself. Its power output is automatically self-regulated in response to pipe or heated surface temperature.

Installation of Quintherm ILM [&] ILMw is quick and easy, requiring no special tools or skills. Terminations, in-line splicing and power connection components are all available in convenient kits.

Available Options

ILM(w)../Qx Base heating tape without any braiding or outerjacket. (only for non-Ex applications) (available upon special request)

ILM(w)..C/Qx Base heating tape with tinned copper braid providing mechanical protection or where Traced equipment does not provide an effective earth path, e.g. plastic or non-metallic pipework or surfaces. (available upon special request)

ILM(w)..CT/Qx Base heating tape with tinned copper braid and thermoplastic outerjacket for added mechanical and light chemical protection.

ILM(w)..CF/Qx Base heating tape with tinned copper
braid and fluoropolymer outerjacket for added mechanical
and aggressive chemical protection.


Technical Data

Max. Allowed Exposure Temperature:
Power On:
Power Off:

Min. Installation Temperature: -40OC
Min. Operating Temperature: -65OC
Power Supply: 220-277V AC
Temperature Class.: T4 = ILM17... and ILM31... T3... ILMw45... and ILMw60...
Max. Resistance of Protective Braiding: ≤18,2 Ω/km

Type Dimensions Nominal (mm) Weight kg/100 m Min. Bending Radius (mm) Gland Size
ILM.. 10,5 x 3,75 5,7 25 M20
ILM..C 11,5 x 4,75 9,5 30 M20
ILM..CT 12,7 x 5,95 11,8 35 M20
ILM..CF 12,7 x 5,95 12,6 35 M20
ILMw.. 13,2 x 4,3 8,7 25 M20
ILMw..C 14,2 x 5,3 12,9 30 M20
ILMw..CT 15,4 x 6,5 15,7 40 M25
ILMw..CF 15,4 x 6,5 16,6 40 M25

Nominal Power Output at 230V AC, when ILM(w) is installed on thermally insulated carbon steel pipes.

Approvals - Here to Download


Max. Cct Length (m) vs. MCB Size (A)

Type Start Temp. 10A 16A 20A 25A
ILM172.. 10°C 76 120 148 -
0°C 62 98 122 148
-20°C 42 66 82 102
-40°C 28 44 56 68
ILM312.. 10°C 52 82 104 110
0°C 42 68 84 106
-20°C 28 46 56 70
-40°C 18 30 38 48
ILMw452... 10°C 38 62 76 96
0°C 32 50 64 80
-20°C 22 34 42 52
-40°C 14 22 28 34
ILMw602.. 10°C 35 52 66 82
0°C 28 44 56 70
-20°C 20 32 40 50
-40°C 14 22 28 34



A full range of accessories are available to compliment our heating tapes, such as terminations, end seals, junction boxes and thermostats. Most items carry separate approvals where required for use in hazardous areas.

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