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Products that are marked "On Order" in the "Available Quantity" column are usually not in stock. Such products are available for purchase, however, due to their limited customer base, they usually have higher minimum quantities. DACPOL offers products that are not in stock for the following reasons: DACPOL currently has a large number of electronic components in stock and adds new products every day, however, tens of thousands of additional components and their various variants are available from our suppliers. Even though it is unreasonable to have all these products in stock due to the limited sales, we believe that it is in the best interest of our customers to make them available. Our goal is to inform customers about the maximum number of products available and enable them to make decisions based on specifications, prices, availability, required minimums and our technical advice. Please note that selecting the "In Stock" checkbox may limit the display to only products available for delivery straight from the shelf.
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-- Thyristor/Thyristor Modules -- Thyristor/Thyristor Modules SEE IT -- On Order -- --
-- MTC40-16-223F3B Thyristor Module -- MTC40-16-223F3B Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC40-16-223F3B On Order 1600 V 40 / 85? A
-- MTC40-18-223F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC40-18-223F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC40-18-223F3 On Order 1800 V 40 / 85? A
-- MTC40-18-223F3B Thyristor Module -- MTC40-18-223F3B Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC40-18-223F3B On Order 1800 V 40 / 85? A
-- MTC500-12-416F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC500-12-416F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC500-12-416F3 On Order 1200 V 500 / 85? A
-- MTC500-14-416F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC500-14-416F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC500-14-416F3 On Order 1400 V 500 / 85? A
-- MTC500-16-416F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC500-16-416F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC500-16-416F3 On Order 1600 V 500 / 85? A
-- MTC500-18-416F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC500-18-416F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC500-18-416F3 On Order 1800 V 500 / 85? A
-- MTC55-12-223F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC55-12-223F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC55-12-223F3 On Order 1200 V 55 / 85? A
-- MTC55-12-223F3B Thyristor Module -- MTC55-12-223F3B Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC55-12-223F3B On Order 1200 V 55 / 85? A
-- MTC55-14-223F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC55-14-223F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC55-14-223F3 On Order 1400 V 55 / 85? A
-- MTC40-16-223F3 Thyristor Module -- MTC40-16-223F3 Thyristor Module SEE IT MTC40-16-223F3 On Order 1600 V 40 / 85? A