In the last decade, DACPOL Company several times won the GAZELA BIZNESU" commendation granted by the Puls Biznesu journal for the most dynamic small and medium businesses that continuously take place since 2000. We acquired the commendation in years 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016.

Similar lists are made in Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Slovenia, and the winners’ choice for each country is adjusted to the local economic situation.

Gazela Biznesu is a commendation that reflects good reputation and reliability of the enterprise, which thank to the dynamic development is perfectly managing to compete with considerably bigger businesses.


DACPOL for last few years has been granted with awards of Diamenty Forbesa (Forbes’ Diamonds) – given by the Forbes monthly magazine – and is on the prestigious list of Forbes’ “Most valuable family businesses.” We were granted with this award in years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Bisnode Polska and „Forbes” journal editors every year create a ranking of the most dynamically developing companies. Enterprises that managed to get to this list can pride themselves with the Forbes’ Diamonds title. Forbes’ Diamonds list is based on a Swiss method of quotation of a company’s value.

Details of the quotation of a companies’ value and measurement of their value increase are provided by the Bisnode Polska analytics with cooperation with Forbes’ redaction.

Companies, which handed financial reports for an accounting year or published them in Monitor Polski B, are taken into consideration in the ranking. Enterprises that are on the verge of bankruptcy and shutdown are eliminated. Next, companies with the positive financial score and risk ratio lower than 4, rated by Bisnode. To maintain the results reliable, financial enterprises and stock markets are not taken into consideration.

Companies are divided into three categories according to the income in retail in the last accounting year: small companies (5-50 million PLN income), medium companies (50-250 million PLN income), and big companies (income above 250 million PLN).

In the ranking there are companies that in last 3 years most rapidly increased their value. FORBES’ MOST VALUABLE FAMILY BUSINESSES.


ranking is a list of reliable, professional and transparent enterprises, with perfect reputation, and companies, which are actively supporting local community growth and are in a group of the most dynamically developing businesses.

DACPON was granted with this ward twice, in 2019 and 2020. All family businesses were invited to participate in a Family Businesses Forum, and have to comply with the requirements listed below:

  • A least two of the shareholders are relatives and they own the minimum of 50% plus 1 share;
  • Company operates on the market continuously for 15 years;
  • regularnie w ostatnich latach wykazuje się dodatnim wynikiem finansowym,
  • In recent years is regularly showing positive financial results;
  • Is not in the shutdown not bankruptcy;
  • In in a good financial situation;

Dobra Firma

Our company received a prestigious award under the DOBRA FIRMA program in the category of The Most Effective Company for medium and big businesses in the Polish Region of Mazowsze.

Dobra Firma plebiscite for over 10 years has been held by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP), which grants the awards on the basis of data provided by the economy record agency. The ranking is created on the financial indicators specified by ZPP, and the awards are given in the four categories: The Best Investor, The Best Innovator, The Best Employer, and The Most Effective Company.

The final decision and the choice of winners is influenced by the results of financial data analysis, provided by Info Veriti agency, which include criteria such as the company’s profile, innovational and developmental potential, and reputation. Every company that fulfills all qualification requirements can participate in this program - among the recently awarded companies are businesses from sectors like transportation-forwarding, developer’s sectors, food industry, machine building, construction, plants production, and advisory companies.


Elasticity in operation, continuous growth, adjusting the offer to the market’s requirements and the actions taken to improve the quality of service, lead to the efficient supply provided to our current and future clients.

Reliable Company is program for a company, that wants to prove that reliability and honesty in business is most valuable for them. The certificate helps to build a positive reputation of a reliable and solvent company. The participants are granted with the Reliability Certificate, which proves lack of the unpaid obligations noted in a National Debts Register (Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG SA).

The certificate provides objective information about trustworthiness and solvency.

Reliable Company gathers over 40 000 enterprises from all industrial areas.


Is the leader, with the highest Payment Morality Rate in 2014.

DACPOL was granted the Golden Taxpayer (Złoty Płatnik) 2014 award, organized by Euler Hermes Collections – leader in managing liabilities. Golden Taxpayer is a prestige award for companies maintaining highest standards of payment discipline, concurrently complying with all listed requirements:

  • PMI below 80 points***,
  • Rating on a level above CCC,
  • No active debt collection.

Only 5% companies on a Polish market comply with these requirements, which means, the Golden Taxpayer certificate is an elite award, proving enterprise’s reliability.