Buffer power supplies with ultra-capacitors
  • Buffer power supplies with ultra-capacitors

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DC-UPS buffer power supplies with C-TEC super-enconsiders

Buffer power supplies with ultra-capacitors

The DC UPS of the C-TEC series is equipped with integrated ultracapacitors for accumulating energy. During normal operation this capacitor is charged by an internal charger which is supplied by an external, regulated power supply. If the supply is interrupted, energy of the ultracapacitors is released in a regulated process. The load is supplied by the buffermodul until the capacitors are discharged. The buffering time depends on the state of charge of the capacitor and discharging current.

The DC-UPS shows the following features:
  • Maintenance-free due to durable ultra capacitors
  • Reduces wiring time due to intergrated energy storage
  • Microcontroller based charging and discharging of the ultracapacitors
  • Input voltage-signal via potential-free contact and LED
  • Short overload possible
  • Vibration secured wiring via spring loaded plugs
  • Wide working temperature range -40°C till 60°C