Complaint process
  • 1. DACPOL covenants to deliver products without any physical or legal defects.
  • 2. DACPOL is responsible to the consumer, if the product has a physical or legal defect, according to the warranty guarantee, specified in the 23 April, 1964 act, civil code, implemented based on the act of 30 May 2014 about the consumer rights.
  • 3. DACPOL is responsible to the consumer due to the defect of the sold product guarantee, if the defect will be stated till 2 years since the product’s delivery to the consumer.
  • 4. To make a complaint the consumer should contact the seller, using the methods listed in the Statute (email, fax, by post) and describe the defect, as well as deliver the product. The consumer can make a complaint also in a Sellers head office.
  • 5. If the product has a defect, the consumer can issue a statement about decreasing the price or contract withdrawal, unless DACPOL covenants to immediate exchange of the product to the new one, without any defects.
  • 6. If the product has already been exchanged into a new one, in case of another defect occurrence the consumer can withdraw from the contract, without product exchange to a faultless one.
  • 7. The Consumer, to implement the complaint process, delivers the product on a freight collect of the seller to a provided in this Statute address.
  • 8. In case of quantity deficiency in the order, the consumer covenants to inform DACPOL about this fact immediately after receiving the delivery, however, up to 3 days after receiving the shipment.
  • 9. In case of acknowledgment of the validity of the complaint to the extent, in which DACPOL is responsible to the consumer (stated in the Statute), DACPOL delivers to the client a product in accordance to the purchase or returns the transferred payment.

Complaint form