Vandens radiatoriai - aušinimo skysčiai
  • Vandens radiatoriai - aušinimo skysčiai

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Gamintojas: ALUTRONIC

Vandens radiatoriai - aušinimo skysčiai

Water heat sinks in shape of cooling plates are used for power diodes, thyristor and transistors with flat base cooling.

It is possible to assembly another sub-assemblies and electronic devices, which has flat base. Cooling plates can be made out of copper or aluminium. They can by uniform plates with hollowed internal channels or repeatable elements with channels, which are put together.

We present plates made of aluminium. Basic plate construction unit is element of rectangular section - dimensions: 27 mm (height) and 19 mm (width). Those elements can be directly connected together, or separated with distance elements, so there is enough space for elements assembly.

Technical data

  • Max dimensions: 600x600 mm
  • Max output water temperature: 45ºC
  • Max radiator surface temperature: 70ºC
  • temperature difference between water inlet and outlet:7ºC
  • Recommended water flow: 10 l/min
  • Recommended water pressure: 9 bar
  • Rth: 0,005, 0,015, 0,068 ºC/W – depends on construction version
  • Dissipation power: 1600, 3600, 5000W – depends on construction version

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