Contactless temperature sensors for mobile objects - C015
  • Contactless temperature sensors for mobile objects - C015

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Manufacturer: Chino

Contactless temperature sensors for mobile objects - C015

The C015 series is adjacent measuring thermocouples designed for measurement of surface temperature of moving or rolling materials, such as heating rollers, press rollers and running sheets. The thermocouple has the built-in automatic correction circuit for the difference between surrounding air and actual temperature of an object. No emissivity compensation to an object surface like as radiation thermometers is necessary.


  • Non-cotact measurement for lower temperature ranges
  • Unique circuit for temperature correction
  • Stability of measurement by stabilizing filter
  • Affection free from emissivity
  • Thermoelectric voltage of Type K thermocouple is applied as output

Technical data

Element type K thermocouple
Wire diameter 0,1 mm
Accuracy rating Within +-5°C at 200°C
Measurement distance lmm...2mm (constant)
Measurement width min. 30mm
Response time 6s (time constant)
Output impedance 15...22 Ω
Output stabilizing filter 0,07mm thick, amber
Cables 7mm, heat resistance vinyl cord or silicon rubber lead wire 5m (10m)

Model Type   Extension wire lengthu Applications
Standard With reflection plate With distancer up to 250°C up to 500°C 5m 10m
C015-11 +     +   +   For no disturbance and stable measurement distance of 1 to 2mm
C015-21 +     +     +
C015-31 +       + +  
C015-41 +       +   +
C015-12   +   +   +   For much disturbance or measurement distance of about 3mm needed
C015-22   +   +     +
C015-32   +     + +  
C015-42   +     +   +
C015-13     + +   +   For measurement distance fluctuated
C015-23     + +     +

Standard temperature sensor Temperature sensor with distancer Temperature sensor with reflection plate

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