Recorders KR5000
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Manufacturer: Chino

Recorders KR5000

Recorders KR5000 series

Recorders KR5000 series connected to the Internet enables measurement data reading and configuration from any place in the world using a computer and the Internet network. The recorder can collect data from 128 measurement points and send alarms via e-mail and save the recorded data cyclically on the server.


The control screen designed in HTML version allows to work with the recorder without special software. Data can be displayed in real time as horizontal and vertical graphs, numerical data, bar graphs, alarm states or in groups as 8 screens in one. Automatic data transfer to server (FTP client). E-mail notifications of unusual situations and alarms. Recorder can cooperate with MODBUS devices, other recorders, controllers and scanners.

REJESTRATOR KR 5000 konfiguracja systemu

Data display

Real-time graph Displaying data or alarms Bargraph
Screen split The screen can be splited into 8 parts Graph setting screen
Overview screen - Screen with alarms
Users screen - E-mail addresses screen

Product Number

rysunek rysunek Interface
1: MODBUS (SE3000, AH3000, LT series)

Technical data

Power supply
90...264 VAC, 50/60 Hz ±2%
Power consumption
max. 27 VA
Permitted operating conditions Temperature: 0..50 °C
Permissible humidity: 20...80%rh
Actions during power failure
Settings are copied from EEPROM
Data is stored in flash memory
Lithium battery supports clock and RAM up to 3 years (at an assumed operating time of 8h/day)
RS-485 (possibility to connect up to 31 devices)
Internal memory
128 MB
Recording method
Continuous recording, start/stop, event log, external trigger, start/end time
DIN rail
Communication with the network
Ethernet 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX
approx. 850 g
Number of inputs Up to 128 measuring points
Sampling period 1 s per each input
Grouping Group name, connected device number, labels, arithmetic operations
16 channels can be combined into 1 group - 8 groups can be created in total
SE3000, AL3000/AH3000, LT230, LT350, LT370, LT450, LT470
Data display
Real-time or historical, horizontal or vertical orientation, chart windows for each group, 32 colors available
Horizontal and vertical scrolling, graphical windows for each group, color and scale common to the trend
Numerical data
Display of alarm data and status, color selectable, window for each group
Mathematical functions
Arithmetic operations
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, recall, powering up
Comparison operations
Equal, inequal, smaller, bigger
Logical operations
General functions
Increasing fractions, ignoring fractions, absolute value, square root, exponent e, natural logarithm, decimal logarithm, integration
Sum and average for data and channel
4 alarms per channel
High, low, variation of high and low, device recognition, unusual data
Can be set in range 1...3600 s

Dimensions [mm]

REJESTRATOR KR 5000 wymiary REJESTRATOR KR 5000 wymiar

Examples of screenshots

Real-time graph Bargraph
- displaying data and alarms - display of data (measured and calculated) from selected groups
- can be combined with real-time graph
REJESTRATOR KR 5000 wykres w czasie rzeczywistym REJESTRATOR KR 5000 bargraf
Screen splitting Settings screen
- the view can be splited into 8 screens
REJESTRATOR KR 5000 podział ekranu REJESTRATOR KR 5000 ekran nastawny
Viewing screen Alarm screen
REJESTRATOR KR 5000 ekran widokowy REJESTRATOR KR 5000 ekran alarmów
Users screen E-mail addresses screen
REJESTRATOR KR 5000 ekran użytkowników REJESTRATOR KR 5000 ekran konta e-mail


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