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Humidity and temperature transducers for use in HVAC - L series

Four designs duct version (LK)
  wall mounting (LW)
  rod-shaped Ø 12mm (LP)
  room version (LI)
Different humidity and temp., 2 x active  
  humidity active / temp. passive  
  humidity only, active  
  temperature only, active or passive  
Output signals 0…1 V  
  0…10 V  
  passive (temperature)  
Special versions sealing for increased requirements, e.g. condensation  
  sealing against vibrations  
Filter protective basket ZE07 (IP00)  
  filter with membrane ZE08 (IP30)  
  PTFE sintered filter ZE05 (IP65)  
Rod-shaped sensor with 2 types of connection 6-pin plug-in connection and assembled cable  
permanently attached cable  
•  sensing element calibrate sensor chip calHT 
•  output range 0…100%rh 
•  accuracy    
•  30…80%rh for 10…40°C  ±3 %rh  
•  remaining range  ±5 %rh   
•  influence of temperature. <10°C lub >40°C ±0,06%rh/K 
Temperature / active output    
•  sensing element calibrated sensor chip calHT 
•  output ranges 0…+50°C   
•  Accuracy     
•  dla 10…40°C ±0,8K  
•  remaining range  chart   
•  The influence of temperature. <10°C lub >40°C ±0,06%rh/K 
Temperature / passive output    
•  sensign elements Pt100   
•[nbsp other sensing elements on demand e.g.. NTC
Electrical data    
•  outputs] 2 x 0…1V   
  2 x 0…10V   
  Wyjścia pasywne   
  na specjalne zamówienie   
•  Supply voltage    
•  LK, LW, LI  (6)13…30V DC lub  
•  output: 0…(1)10V  24V AC±10%  
•  LP     
•  outpug: 0…(1)10V  (6)12…30V DC   
•  load resistance for 0…1V  >1 kΩ 
output  0 .. .1V > 1kΩ  
output  0 ... 1V > 10 kΩ  
•  Kompatybilność  elektromagnetyczna  Zgodnie z EN 61326 
Generral data     
•  Medium air, pressureless, non-aggressive, non-condensing
•  Min. air speed 0,5m/s  
•  Temperatura pracy     
•  type LP, LK, LW   -30…+80°C   
•  type l LI  -20…+60°C   
•  storage temperature -40…+85°C
•  degree of protection of measuring head (series LK,LW,LI)
•  with protective basket ZE07 IP00   
•  with membrane filter ZE08 IP30   
•  with PTFE sintered filter ZE05 IP65   
•  degree of protection of housing
•  type LP, LK, LW  IP65   
•  typel LI IP30   
•  material of housing    
•  type LP, LK, LW   PC (light grey/ white)   
•  typel LI   ABS (white)  
Temperature accuracy

Przetworniki wilgotności i temperatury do zastosowań w HVAC - Seria L wykres dokładność temperatury

Working range of humidity and temperature

Przetworniki wilgotności i temperatury do zastosowań w HVAC - Seria L wykres zakres pracy