Limit switches 14CE series
  • Limit switches 14CE series

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Manufacturer: Honeywell

Limit switches 14CE series

The CE circuit-breaker family are miniature limit switches in compact metal housings with leads or connectors. The entire CE range meets the requirements of the low voltage directive. CE connectors have a tightness class from IP65 to IP67.


  • compact construction
  • versions with cable or with connector
  • zinc die cast housing
  • large selection of levers
  • group mounting option
  • different lead-out lengths
  • cable / connector led out from below or from the side
  • easy installation with two screws
  • low temperature version
  • protection degree IP65 to IP67


  • perfect for applications where space is limited
  • quick and easy assembly
  • suitable for use in harsh environments
  • multiple switching in a small space
  • a large selection of applications
  • suitable for aggressive environments

Technical data

durability: 10 milions operations
level of security: standard IP65
  version ‘K’ IP66
  rubber seal IP67
operating temperature: 0...70°C
compliance with standards: IEC 60947-5-1,
  EN 60947-5-1,
  AC14 D300
  DC13 R300
insulation voltage: 250V
breakdown voltage: l,5kV

Dimensions [mm]

  Type of leverage Styk szybki Cable / connector Options
Enter the cable length, change every 1 m, e.g. 1 = 1 meter, 2 = 2 meters. Usually the maximum cable length is 4m. Version L - cable: 4 wires in a silicone shield, brown. If version Q or Q1 has been selected, the cable length should be omitted.

A: lateral cable or connector outlet,

B: elongated mounting holes,

D: halogen-free wire,

G: gold contacts,

H: increased operating temperature (0 ... 120 ° C),

K: pusher with O-ring sealing,

NOTE: the O-ring seal increases the closing force OF. up to 22.5N

L: low operating temperature (-40 ... 70 ° C) ,,

L1: low operating temperature as in the version

L, but the hose is not flexible,

Q: DC type connector, M12,4 pole

Q1: AC type connector, 1 "x20, 4-pole,

V: FC (Fluorocarbon) seal,

P: top mounting

NOTE: Several options are allowed, but not all connections may be allowed. If you choose several options, please place them in alphabetical order, e.g. 14CE31-3AK. Levers are ordered separately.

Version Q - DC type connector, M12,4 pole
Pusher with a parallel roller Pusher with perpendicular roller
Version Q1 - AC type connector, 1/2 "x20, 4-pole
Rotary drive
Tappet with a seal
Pusher with a parallel roller and seal Pusher with perpendicular roller and seal
Popychacz z kulką

Additional lever types - dimensions [mm]

6PA71-4, 6PA78-4
6PA44-4, 6PA56-4

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