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Manufacturer: ELEN

NDI series

The NDI series displays are designed for demanding industrial conditions and are intended for the displaying of output numerical values of various measured physical quantities (weight, temperature, speed...). The displays’ casings are of a proved double-wall design, made of zinc-plated steel sheets, powder paint coated. Anti-reflection dark front glass is made of 5 mm PPMA, which ensures a good contrast. In order to limit the impact of vibrations, the internal electronics is mounted flexibly on rubber blocks. Industrial power supply and data connectors ensure a reliable electric connection. The NDI and NDU displays have a floating decimal point. In the free area right of the digits it is possible to place a fixed description as necessary (e.g. a measurement unit) - it is necessary to specify in an order.

Technical data

  DAC/NDI 57/x R L65 DAC/NDI 100/x R L65 DAC/NDI 100/x R H65
Height of characters 57 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Number of digits 3 (NDI 3/...), 4 (NDI 4/...), 5 (NDI 5/...)
Format 8.8.8. / /
Readability range 23m 40 m 40 m
Type of display
7-segment superbright LEDs, luminious intensity ca. 30 mcd, viewing angle 120° Discrete superbright elliptical LEDs, luminious intensity typ. 960 mcd, viewing angle 70° horizontally, 35°
vertically, 9 LEDs in each segment
Communication interface Seriall RS 232 / RS 485 with galvanic separation (switchable inside the device), passive input BCD 24V with galvanic separation, Ethernet, LonWorks® FTT-10A, Profibus, analog inputs (0-10V, 0-20 mA, 4- 20mA, counter 1 kHz), call for other inputs
Communication protocol Elen, Schenck DDP 8850, DDP 8861 (Disomat B, Disomat F), Intecont plus, Orbit Controls, LonTalk®(LonMark® 3.0), and other on demand
Power supply, power input 230V
power 5.5/6.3/7.0 VA 6.8/8.0/9.2 VA 7.8/9.2/10.7 VA
Class of protection IP65
Operational temperature -30 ÷ +40°C
mains connector Binder 714
Data connector Binder 713

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