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Manufacturer: Victron energy


Quality without compromise
Aluminium epoxy powder coated cases with drip shield and stainless steel fixings withstand the rigors of an adverse environment: heat, humidity and salt air. Circuit boards are protected with an acrylic coating formaximum corrosion resistance. Temperature sensors ensure that power components will always operate within specified limits, if needed by automatic reduction of output current under extreme environmental conditions.

Universal 90-265V AC input voltage range and also suitable for DC supply (AC-DC and DC-DC operation)
All models will operate without any adjustment needed over a 90 to 265 Volt input voltage range, whether 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The chargers also accept a 90-400V DC supply.

Three outputs that each can supply the full output current
Three isolated outputs to simultaneously charge 3 battery banks Each output is capable to supply the full rated current.

Three stage charging, with temperature compensation
The Centaur charges at bulk rate until the output has reduced to 70 % of the rated Amps, at which a 4 hour timer begins. After the timed period the charger switches to float rate.
An internal temperature sensor is used to compensate the charge voltage with – 2 mV/ºC (– 1 mV/ºF) per cell. A dip switch is available to select the optimum charge/float voltages for Flooded Lead-acid, Gel or AGM batteries.

Learn more about batteries and battery charging
To learn more about batteries and charging batteries (including the pro’s and con’s of multi bank charging and intelligent charging), please refer to our book ‘Electricity on Board’(available free of charge from Victron Energy and downloadable from www.victronenergy.com).

Charge curve

Application example

Centaur Battery Charger 24 30 charge curve Centaur Battery Charger 24 30 application example

Centaur Charger 12/20 12/30 24/16 12/40 12/50 12/60 24/30 12/80 24/40 12/100 24/60
Input Voltage (V AC) 90 - 265
Input Voltage(V DC) 90 - 400
Input frequency
5 6 i 5 4
Power factor 1
Charge voltage
'absorption '(V DC)
14,3 / 28,5 (1)
Charge voltage 'float'(V DC) 13,5 / 27,0 (1)
Output banks 3
Charge current (A) (2) 20 30 / 16 40 50 60 / 30 80 / 40 100 / 60
Total putput ammeter Yes
Charge characteristic IUoU (Three stage charging)
Recommended battery
capacity (Ah)
80 - 200 120 300 45 - 150 160 400 200 500 240 600 120 300 320 - 800 160 - 400 400 - 1000 240 - 600
Temperature sensor Internal, - 2mV / °C (- 1mV / °F) per cell
Forced cooling Yes, temperatura and current controlled fan
Protection Output short circuit, over temperature
Operating temp. range - 20 to 60°C (0 - 140°F)
Ignition protected Yes
Humidity (non condesing) max 95%
Material[&]Colour aluminium (blue RAL 5012)
Battery-connection M6 studs M6 studs M8 studs M8 studs M8 studs M8 studs M8 studs
AC-connection screw-clamp 4 mm2 (AWG 6)
Protection category IP 21
Weight kg (lbs) 3,8 (8.4) 3,8 (8.4) 5 (11) 5 (11) 5 (11) 12 (26) 12 (26)
Dimensions hxwxd in mm(hxwxd in inches) 355x215x110 (14.0x8.5x4.3) 355x215x110 (14.0x8.5x4.3) 426x239x135 (16.8x9.4x5.3) 426x239x135 (16.8x9.4x5.3) 426x239x135 (16.8x9.4x5.3) 505x255x130 (19.9x10.0x5.2) 505x255x130 (19.9x10.0x5.2)
Safety EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29, UL 1236
Emission Immunity EN 55014-1, EN 61000-3-2
Automotive Directive EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-3
1) Standard setting. Optimum charge/float voltages for Flooded Lead-acid, Gel-Cell or AGM batteries selectable by dip switch.
2) Up to 40 °C (100 °F) ambient. Output will reduceto approximately 80 % of nominal at 50 °C (120 °F)and 60 % of nominal at 60 °C (140°F).

Dodatkowe akcesoria

BMV-600 Battery Monitor

The BMV – 600 Battery Monitor features an advanced microprocessor control system combined with high resolution measuring systems for battery voltage and charge/discharge current. Besides this, the software includes complex calculation algorithms, like Peukert’s formula, to exactly determine the state of charge of the battery. The BMV – 600 selectively displays battery voltage, current, consumed Ah or time to go.

BMV-600 Battery Monitor

Battery Alarm

An excessively high or low battery voltage is indicated by an audible and visual alarm.

Battery Alarm

Installation made easy

1. Fasten the separate mounting plate (A) to the wall where you want to place the battery charger, and simply hook up the Centaur.
2. Secure the bottom of the backside (B) to the wall.

Installation made easy

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