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DI series - room version with optional display

dynamic MELA® humidity sensing element
calibrated dModul for
humidity and temperature measurement
with integrated measuring chamber
easy to install
operating temperatures up to 60°C

The core part of the D Series is the digital calibrated dModul, which processes the measurement values of relative humidity and temperature individually. The values are compared to the calibration values stored in the dModul and communicated
digitally to the transmitter electronics, where they are processed to standardised current and voltage signals.
The integrated measuring chamber of the room version is separated from the electronics. Thus, a good air circulation around the sensing elements is provided.
The housing of the room version has a simple and robust closing mechanism. After mounting the base part, the top which contains the transmitter electronics, can be easily clipped into place and pressed shut without any tool.
Technical data
output range 0...100%rh
measuring element capacitive MELA FE09
measuring uncertainty  
(40...60%rh @23°C) ±2,5% rh
(10...40%rh and 60...90%rh
przy 23°C)
±3% rh
influence of temperature

measuring element Pt1000
output ranges -0...+50°C
further ranges on request
measuring uncertainty
sensors with active temperature signal  
voltage output
@ 10...40°C
±0,25 K
current output 
@ 10...40°C
±0,4 K
influence of temperature ±0,01 K/K
General data  
measuring medium air, pressureless, non-aggressive
operating temperatures -30...+60°C
storage temperatures -40...+85°C
connection connecting terminals
wire diameter per connector max. 1,5mm2
cable diameter max. 7mm
  (5 mm recommended)
degree of protection IP30D
material of housing ABS
color of housing RAL 9003
  2 lines
  3 digits + 1 decimal place
  display approx. 21 x 40 mm²

Electrical data  
outputs 0...1V DC
  0...10V DC
passive temperature outputs on request  
voltage supply see type survey
consumption of electronics
(voltage output)
typ. 7mA
load RL
(current output)
min. load resistance
(voltage output)
  >10 kΩ
ref. EN 61326-1
  and EN 61326-2-3
Load at current output
Humidity sensor
Type Housing
DFI Room version
optional display
Physical variable Output signal corresponds to
relative humidity 0...100%rh
Signal output Voltage-
supply UB
0..1V 6...30 V DC
6...26 V AC
0..10VDc 15…30 V DC
13...26 V AC
4...20mA 10…25 V DC

Type survey DIK
Type Housing
DIK Room version
optional display
Physical variable Output signal corresponds to
relative humidity 0...100%rh
temperature -30…+70°C
Signal output Voltage-
supply UB
2 x 0..1V 6...30 V DC
6...26 V AC
2 x 0..10VDc 15…30 V DC
13...26 V AC
2 x 4...20mA 10…25 V DC

Dimensions [mm]

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