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HEX BOX enclosures for IoT sector

The constantly improving technological sector, encourages us to gain new and simplifying our daily lives solutions. That is why there’s an increasing need for creating an “intelligent” home or office environment.

The possibility of gaining control through an app (including voice control) is becoming so convenient and effective, that it often replaces traditional solutions for communication. This type of an app is usually used in mobile devices, where from any possible place we can increase and decrease the room temperature and control household products or alarm systems. 

These conveniences are more and more commonly used in our homes, offices and public use buildings.

With such a huge demand for smart technology, it is necessary for the enclosure producers to maintain high quality and innovative standards while designing their products. Easy access to the applied devices should improve its maintenance works, and the practicality in the form of proper montage characteristics and general aesthetics should affect its external appearance. 

In the field of IoT enclosures, recent CamdenBoss project, Hex-Box IoT Enclosure, perfectly fits into industrial, commercial and household applications. It offers a range of unique functionalities, which improves the process of new technologies implementation.

Hex-Box enclosures are produced in UK. The cover can be 100% recycled. It contains six self-clamping panels, which can be connected and adjusted, depending on the requirements. The enclosure is ventilated and provides an easy access to connectors. It perfectly fits into IoT sector’s solutions. The construction of the enclosure, including the montage bracket, is adjusted to installation on walls or, in connection with rubber legs, for stationary computers. 

They're perfect for temperature recording sensors, sensors for monitoring light intensity, or for identifying smoke/CO2. Discreet montage techniques make the enclosure look well on the wall or ceiling. Hex-Box IoT enclosure uses a hidden system of cable management in the back of the cover, allowing for noninvasive inserting cables. Internal side of the base has a useful rail, which during drilling adjust to the 22-millimeter imprint in a round wall handle. Self-clamping panes are available in a stable or ventilated option. 

Planning cable systems is necessary in case of electronic devices, especially those in often used places. To provide fast montage of the enclosures, these factors were well-planned and designed in the Hex-Box IoT enclosure. The base often cover is blocked with a set of 1-6 numbers for each side. They are reference point, thanks to which the panels can be placed in a right position, avoiding con-axial junctions, which are located on the covered printed plate. These reference points simplify a montage of a bracket on the enclosure, and then on the wall. 

The whole production chain is in UK, thanks to which the delivery dates are not far. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of personalization of enclosures, Hex-Box Pi Ready covers are initially adjusted to the Raspberry Pi connections.

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