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Manufacturer: Magnetics

Magnetic cores

Dust cores: MOLYPERMALLOY (MPP) - MAGNETICS production.

Dust cores type: Alloy- Magnetics Molypermalloy (MPP) are toroidal cores with dissipate air gap. 
They are made of:79% nickel, , 17% iron, and 4% molybdenum alloys, which allow to obtain lowest core power losses, in comparison to any other Dust material. MPP cores have many great magnetic properties like high resistivity, small hysteresis, low eddy currents, great stability after saturation. 
This is magnetic material, which provide low inductor power losses. MPP cores characterise with high induction and temperature stability.


This are toroidal cores with dissipate air gap made from alloys:  50% nickel - 50% iron. Those cores characterise with high saturation induction.
High Flux have advantages, which make them very useful in high power, high voltage and frequency applications. 
Core saturation inductance is on 1.5T level, in comparison to 0.75 of standard MPP or 0.45 for ferrites. 
Power losses are lower than in standard type "iron Dust" cores.


Dust cores with dissipate air gap are made from iron alloys. They characterise with very low losses for a wide frequency range and high magnetic parameters stability.
Close to zero magnetostriction makes them ideal for elimination of arduous noises at high frequencies.
In high frequency applications, losses in core made from iron alloys, may be the main reason of temperature rise. This is why, Kool Mμ cores are ideal for above applications, because their losses are smaller, and therefore their temperature rise and dimensions are much smaller.

Type A
00K4741B 47.5 41 27.5 53 600
00K5528B 54.9 27.6 20.6 31 200
00K6030B 60 30 15 27 000

Symbol Geometry Permeability M External dimensions[mm] Internal dimension [mm] Height Ht [mm] Length Le [cm] Ae [cm2] AL.
00K102TC026 Toroid 26 101.60 57.15 16.51 ND 24.27 3.56 47.90
00K102RT026 RT (tory) 26 101.60 57.15 16.51 158.75 35.70 3.56 29.80
00K102AR026 AR (łuk) 26 Dimensions and parameters for order in above geometries      
00K102IS026 IS (segment) 26 ND ND 16.51 57.15 ND ND ND
00K133TC026 Toroid 26 132.54 78.59 25.4 ND 32.47 6.69 67.40
00K133RT026 RT (tory) 26 132.54 78.59 25.4 208.74 47.63 6.69 45.90
00K133AR026 AR (łuk) 26 Dimensions and parameters for order in above geometries      
00K133IS026 IS (segment) 26 ND ND 25.4 76.20 ND ND ND


E - shape cores with dissipate air gap have properties which make them useful in wide range of applications for example: PFC correction, chokes, flyback converters. Core induction saturation level 1,05 T. allows to store more energy in comparison to E shape ferrite cores, which leads to core dimensions decrease. Kool Mμ E shape cores are pricey competitive. They have great thermal properties.

XFLUX ™ Cores

Magnetics cores are made from: 6, 5 % silicon and iron dust. Material is resistant for high temperatures, without temperature ageing. XFLUX  offers lower power losses than in normal dust cores.
XFLUX soft saturation characteristic offers advantages in comparison to ferrite cores. This cores are ideal for low and medium frequency chokes where induction on peak is not critical.

MPP THINZ ™ or  Molypermalloy dust cores are made from: 81% nickel, 17% iron and 2% molybdenum. They offer highest magnetic permeability, and high saturation inductance. They