RE NA003 – grid and system protecting monitoring relay
  • RE NA003 – grid and system protecting monitoring relay

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Manufacturer: TELE Haase

RE NA003 - A system for the protection of renewable energy sources

The new grid and system protection is at home all over the world and guarantees a secure link between decentralized energy producer and public grid. The new RE NA003 with its compact design covers all main country standards in one device. All relevant parameters can be flexibly set directly in the field via Open Setup. This allows for permanently programmed, country specific standards to be individually adapter if required. For the first time, operation in single and three-phase grids is possible through simple switching. The new grid and system protection from Tele is suitable for medium and low voltages

The characteristics of NA003 as a good grid and system protector:

  • Functional safety
  • Voltage drop protection; overvoltage protection; monitoring of voltage quality
  • Frequency drop protection; frequency rise protection
  • Detection of off-grid operation
  • Wide rated voltage and rated frequency range, adjustable rated voltage



Iconography that presents where NA003 have to be installed:

  1. Renewable Energy source (sun, wind)
  2. Conversion renewable Energy into electricity (wind turbine, PV panels)
  3. Power electronic converter
  4. Energy storage
  5. Protecting system (DA003 and switches)
  6. Public grid

Rated data:

Supply circuit
Terminals A1 (L), A2 (N)
Supply voltage DC: 24V
AC: 110-230V
Supply voltage tolerance DC: ±10%
AC: ±30%
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Tolerance of rated frequency 48 – 63Hz
Rated surge voltage 4kV
Measuring circuit
Terminals L1, L2, L3, N
Measuring input 3x400V AC
Measurand line to line voltage, line to neutral voltage, 10 minutes average voltage, frequency, rate of change of frequency (RoCoF), phase shift (PShift)
Measuring ranges
Line to line voltage 0-560V AC
Line to neutral voltage 0-325V AC
Frequency 40-60Hz
RoCoF 100mHz/s-2Hz/s
PShift 1-15°
Digital inputs
Terminals I1 i  ⊥, I2 i  ⊥, I3 i  ⊥, I4/I5 i  ⊥
Type of contact potential free
Min. switching voltage/current 24V/5mA
Output circuit
Terminals 11-12-14; 21-22-24; 31-32-34;
Number of contacts 3 changeover
Contact material AgNi
Rated current 5A/250V AC
Electrical endurance 100x103switching cycles (AC-1)
Mechanical endurance 15x106switching cycles
Base accuracy (voltage) <0,5% @ 25°C
Temperature influence <0,01%/°C
Resolution 10mV
Base accuracy (frequency) <0,01 Hz dla 25°C
Temperature influence <0,00002Hz/°C
Resolution 1mHz
Isolation data
Rated insulation voltage 400V
Supply circuit/measuring circuit protective separation
Supply circuit/output circuit protective separation
Supply circuit/digital inputs protective separation
Output circuit/measuring circuit protective separation
Output circuit/digital inputs protective separation
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature operation -25…55°C
Ambient temperature storage -40…70°C
Ambient temperature display -15…55°C
Relative humidity 5…95% (non-condensing)
Weight 300g
Electrical connection
Wire size max. 2,5mm2
Stripping length max. 8mm
Electrical strength max. 450V/16A (digital inputs, relay outputs)
max. 750V/16A (measuring inputs)
Torque max. 0,5Nm
Screw M3, slotted recess for screw driver 0,6 x 3,5mm
Sealing wire dMAX = 0,8mm

In order to ensure the proper function during power failures, an external UPS has to be used.

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