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Compact humidity and temperature sensors in shape of a bar - PC RC series

MELA® humidity/-temperature sensors in the PC, PK and RC series are compact, versatile sensors in a rod-type design. They are available with a 1.5 m connecting cable (PC series), without cable (PK series) or with a robust aluminium connecting head and terminal screws (RC series) for measuring relative humidity, relative humidity and temperature or temperature in air and other non-aggressive gases. The advantages of the series .../9 are its improved dynamics, in particular at low air speeds and also its increased serviece life, even under more challenging operating conditions (pollutant impact or permanent humidity > 95 %rh). When air speeds are extremely high combined with a high number of particles, using the series .../9 is not recommended. For extreme applications (near the sea, desert, mountains, areas with high air speed etc.) we recommend our stainless steel sinter fi lter types ZE 21 resp. ZE 22 (not recommended for the series .../9, see product info sheet F 5.1).


Technical data:

• measuring range 0...100%rh
• accuracy(5...95%rh @ 10...40°C) ±2% rh<
• influence of temp. (<10°C, >40°C) <0,1%/K
• Reaction rime < 20 s


• measuring element (ref. DIN EN 60751) Pt100 class B
(class 1/3 DIN on request)  
• measuring range -30...+70°C
• accuracy  
  output: 0...1V (-27...70°C) ±0,2 K
  output: 0...10V (-29...70°C) ±0,2 K
  output: 4...20mA (PC) -0,3...0,6 K
  (depending on the air speed)  
  output: 4...20mA (RC) ± 0,3 K
• influence of temp. (<10°C, >40°C) ±0,007K/K

Other data
• ambient temperature -40...+80°C
• degree of protection sensor/electronic IP 30/IP 65
• operating voltage  
  current output 12...30V DC
  voltage output (0...10V) 15...30 V DC
  voltage output (0...1V) 6...30V DC
• load resistance (0...10V, 0...1V) >10 kΩ />2 kΩ
• load (current output) acc.diagram
• power consumption  
  0...10V, 2 x 0...1V < 5mA
  0...1V < 1mA
• minimum air speed always across the sensor  
  output:: 2 x 4...20mA 31,5 m/s
  output:: 4...20mA, 2 x 0...10V 31 m/s
output:: 0...10V, 2 x 0...1V 30,5 m/s
• self-heating Pt100 (1m/s, 2mA, 20°C) 0,1 K
• directive about electromagnetic compatibility  
  resistance EN 55011 kl. B
  emission EN 50082-2

Load at current output
Type Versions
Analogue output PC series
rod shape
RC series
robust execution
rel. humidity
4...20 mA FPC 3/5 FRC 3/5
0...10 V FPC 2/5 FRC 2/5
0...1 V FPC 1/5 FRC 1/5
r.h. + temp.
4...20 mA, Pt100 CPC 3/5 CRC 3/5
0...10 V, Pt100 CPC 2/5 CRC 2/5
0...1 V, Pt100 CPC 1/5 CRC 1/5
r.h. + temp.
2 x 4...20 mA KPC 3/5 KRC 3/5
2 x 0...10 V KPC 2/5 KRC 2/5
2 x 0...1 V KPC 1/5 KRC 1/5
Pt 100 TPC 5/5 TRC 5/5
4...20 mA TPC 3/5 TRC 3/5
0...I0 V TPC 2/5 TRC 2/5
0...1 V TPC 1/5 TRC 1/5
weight 145 g 340 g

Humidity working range
Dimensions [mm]:
Series PC
Series RC

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