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New transport crates 19” from DESAPRO - MILEX series

WE’ve extended our offer of transport crates with a new series of products from our renowned supplier Desapro. Thanks to the close cooperation, our assortment now includes transport crates 19” rack type, MILEX series.

MILEX transport crates are made from aluminum, absorb shocks and vibrations. It’s a transit box, waterproof and dustproof, intended for 19” electronics.

The milex aluminum transit cases consist of three main parts:

  • Self-supporting housing - welded and rigid construction forms a self-supporting shell that is both light and rugged; construction is shock proof and resistant to extreme temperature change, conductive and fully recyclable. 
  • Shock mounted chassis.
  • Cover with a gasket - can be used for I/O panel, windows, cable pouches, ventilation louvres etc.

Types of MILEX crates

Shock Mounted

Intended for use in extreme conditions - the electronics are attached to a shock mounted chassis, not directly to the shell. The case is securely sealed with a cover to protect the contents against dust, sand and water.

Hard Mounted

Is a standard 19 inch Case without a shock mounted chassis. It is intended for applications where vibration protection is not critical. 

Wire Rope

Transit case with the chassis mounted on stainless steel spiral wire rope shock absorbers - used where electronics have to be protected from vibration and particularly severe shocks, e.g. on ships, submarines, helicopters or other aircrafts.


The newest generation of robust transit cases for the transport of sensitive electronics, IT, and measuring systems. The closing system is unique and supported by a revolving frame system, which is guided in the X- & Y- axis thus centralizing the cover automatically.

Applications of MILEX transport crates - highest protection from Desapro

Undesirable influences from various sources which occur during transport, storage, or operations can have a damaging effect on sensitive goods and therefore present a considerable risk. DESAPRO cases protect against many environmental stresses:

Protection against climatic stress:

  • Extreme temperatures in tropical or arctic regions
  • Temperature shock in airborne situations
  • High humidity in tropical regions
  • Aggressive atmospheric conditions such as salt fog at sea
  • Sand and wind in deserts or industrial settings
  • Water damage by rain or transport by sea
  • Sun radiation (UV rays)
  • Rain, snow, hail
  • Protection against internally product stress

Protection against electric radiation through accidental or indirect high frequency disruptions: transferred disruptions and radial disruptions. 

DESAPRO was established in 1959, with a production department in the US in Melbourne and headquarters in Switzerland. They are an international leader in engineering, design and manufacturing aluminum transit, rack mount and equipment cases, heat and cool exchange solutions, and operate in industries such as aeronautics, defense, military, medical, energy and oil and gas.

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