nowa strona DACPOL

Welcome to our new DACPOL.EU site

New design and most importantly new possibilities simplifying the access to our comprehensive offer of POWER ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, ELECTRONICS, POWER ENGINEERING, and PROCESS AUTOMATION.

Changed and refreshed design, adjusted to all mobile devices, is intended for simplifying the search of the right product and contacting us. We used a more intuitive and faster product browser, which is available on every page. On the main page we also put more information for fast and easy checking our news, special offers and new releases.

New design and new possibilities
  • Refreshed and clearer design, adjusted to mobile devices.
  • More information on the main site, thanks to which you can quickly check our special offers and new releases.
  • More intuitive and faster browser available on every page.
  • We added online payment.
  • We added My List, where you can store your product lists, share them with your coworkers and add them directly to the cart.
  • Furthermore, we also added a new advanced filter and a table with products, which will systematically be described with parameters.
  • You can find products with a possibility of direct purchase, but also products of the “ask for the product” types, which require an additional consultancy to make the order. Such products are always mentioned in the product table of the product category at the beginning of the list.
  • On every page there is a special form that allows sending a quick question to the department responsible for the given product group, to provide faster and more accurate answers.

Soon there will also be a new tab called “resources.” In this tab we will present the knowledge of our engineers and suppliers, hoping that the published technical articles and guides will help our clients to find the right solution. It will also be possible to find there news about important events for your business branch, but also about our new product releases.

Creating a new site and a new design is the beginning of changes to increase the accessibility of our offer to all Clients. New design is only an introduction to further changes on which we are continuously working. Changes will be implemented gradually, so we can provide you the access to our offer without any disturbance.